Mark Yee's Ass-Grabbing Goes Viral!

Credit for the image goes to @joshreyes8

Apparently, everyone’s mission to out Mark Yee has gone viral.

Josh Reyes posted this image on his Twitter page. He calls this picture Mark Yee with some sort of intention. Fact is, because of the stunt he pulled he could give the PBA a bad light. My boss stated that organ-grabbing has been an effective way to nerf opponents in football. What Yee did was lightweight compared to the atrocities seen in Europe, South America, and other parts of the football nation.

Not in basketball though.

This incident also had a Youtube video shared by that awesome person on Hoops. Throughout the broadcast, Mico Halili and Quinito Henson were trying to get updates from Magoo Marjon and Jinno Rufino regarding the “horizontal jackhammer” Yee pulled on Anthony Grundy. Yes Mark Yee, if this was Ed Picson he would have shrugged this (although it will be hard) but Mico Halili will seriously make you remember about the stunt you pull! The Youtube vid was not the best of video grabs (it was recorded halfway of the incident) but we can see how Yee preyed on Grundy’s ass the second he was inserted.

And all the gays in the arena went nuts.

The best to happen here is that Mark Yee will never pull this stunt again for the sake of resurrecting his manhood.

The worst thing that can happen is for the Commissioner’s Office to make a stand with the incident and suspended his butt-pounding ass into submission.

Game over.


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