Richard Del Rosario is B-Meg's new coach

I’m kind of selfish.

Is it wrong for me to beg the heavens for the failure of now-B-Meg coach Richard Del Rosario?

I don’t really want him to fail. In fact I wish him the best! All those years sitting next to Norman Black during his Pepsi Megas / Mobiline Phole Pals and Sta. Lucia Realtors days and at Alaska Aces where he played briefly in Tim Cone’s system that eventually led to his retirement paid off for this current St. Benilde mentor (I think his career-high is eight points). Sure, his NCAA team, The Blazers, or his D-League team, the PC Gilmore Wizards, are far from contenders but maybe his system is more suited in the pro ranks.

I mean how hard can it be? Let Mark Barroca ride the ball to the other side of the court, have Marc Pingris and Joe Devance post up, and then let James Yap and Peter June Simon catch fire.

That’s cool, right?

The problem I have with Richard Del Rosario sitting in the B-Meg sidelines is that I’ll miss his quips. Richard Del Rosario alongside Mico Halili and Jason Webb are the most entertaining PBA commentators today. There I said it. These three understand that while basketball knowledge is important – staying away from the monotonic and robotic way of covering the play-by-plays made the broadcasts exciting and entertaining.

I mean if you followed the ESPN’s 2011 Jones Cup coverage between The Philippines and Malaysia, their zany and hilarious take on the ball-groping incident trumps the English take.

Do you know how hard it is for the PBA to face soap operas? The basketball game consists of more than two hours of straight backcourt action. Aside from that soap operas aren’t open ended as basketball. You can pass off a televised match because you hate the combatants but a minute missed of watching a soap will leave you dumbfounded.

If Richard Del Rosario goes full-time with B-Meg, then I doubt if he’ll be available in commentary. His commentating appearances now have dwindled as of late when he became the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters assistant coach. When the Elasto Painters are in a particular game date, expect Richard to not call the action. It’s the same case when he transferred to the B-Meg Llamados as assistant to Jorge Gallent. And then just when we thought Gallent has survived the rumors of a bumper crop of top coaches led by Jong Uichico and surprisingly Tim Cone (whoever thought of Cone leaving Alaska is kind of stupid), here is Richard Del Rosario cutting the line and closing the door on the other candidates.

The only way we can hear the hilarious commentary of Richard Del Rosario is through GMA News Online’s For The Win (FTW), as a random head coach/ guest commentator during Finals games (of which B-Meg isn’t included).

And a bunch of Bundesliga games.

I’m sorry but I haven’t gotten giddy on watching football action that doesn’t involve the Azkals.

But with all sincerity, I wish him all the best as the newest B-Meg coach. Hopefully he can use Mark Barroca wisely without diminishing the importance of Roger Yap, Josh Urbiztondo, and Jonas Villanueva. Hopefully he’ll at least give a proper sendoff to their aging stars Romel Adducul and Don Allado. I’m wishing Joe Devance, Kerby Raymundo, Rafi Reavis, Rico Maierhofer, and Marc Pingris return to compete injury-free and I hope James Yap and Peter June Simon would nail their jumpers well.

Hell, maybe he can give Jonathan Fernandez the confidence he desperately needs?

Is there a way for TV5 to revive Baikingu?

Anyway, I’m going to leave you with this plug. I did this when I was still with the company.

Actually this was one of my favorite episodes of Wow Maling Mali because it combined real-life hardcourt action with a 5-foot goal and a slew of craziness.

Like I said, I’m going to miss Richard Del Rosario’s comedy gold! 

Good luck with your promotion! 

Game over.


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