Titi Monkey

We're looking at a titi monkey. 

This article is a blast from the past. 

I have never been a member for cause groups because… well I haven’t found anything interesting.

But as I searched, I spotted this animal.

The animal reminds me a lot of our tarsiers. Although it doesn’t look like our tiny monkey, the breed has that “homegrown third world critter thing” going on.

Did I mention that this monkey is a titi?

Yes, somewhere in the world there is an unfortunate breed of life whose name is Tagalog for male reproductive organ. Well, they are part of an elite bunch… although most of them are proper nouns like American names Kiki and Pookie (Tagalog terms for the female reproductive organs).

Hey, I bet Koreans coming to the Philippines would not be pleased if they find out that “Tae” is Tagalog for that brown goo that comes out of everyone’s asses.

So I further researched the animal and through Wikipedia, I discovered that this is a well-known creature from the jungles of South America. I also found out that some of its species are named after online casino auction winners.

Here are the Top Ten Titi specie names

(courtesy of Wikipedia):

10 Atlantic Titi

9 Collared Titi

8 Coppery Titi

7 Brown Titi

6 Black Titi

5 Stephen Nash’s Titi

4 Prince Bernhard’s Titi

3 Barbara Brown’s Titi

2 Ollala Brothers’ Titi

1 Lucifer Titi

If you don’t believe me, then go to Wikipedia and look for "Titi"!

Titis are cute. Certainly people should love touching these titis especially women that are in the 16 to 45 age brackets. However, they have been in danger recently.

Sure, they are many… but they are wild animals that shouldn’t be sold as pets and shouldn’t be smuggled to parts of the world because they are “so freakin’ adorable”! Usually, these creatures get suffocated and they can’t adapt in the environment these poachers force these animals to live into.

Here is a titi having fun. They are highly-intelligent like other primates and they can be very territorial.

The titis are said to be monogamous.

Insert laugh track at this point.

Titi monkeys have the right to be protected by the governments of the world as well as the other animals in the endangered list.

While I started this blog thinking of hilarity, maybe we should indeed do something with Titis (wait… what?) and other animals in the wild.

A titi monkey smelling a flower. 

I won’t go PETA and try to tell everyone to release their pets and let them go free, but we should look at steps on wildlife preservation now more than ever. Living in the metro I experience firsthand the effects of loss of trees and the evolution of the concrete jungle. Often technology has its perks but hopefully we can retain the “natural” parts in the places we dwell.

We have had earthquakes, tsunamis and of all things… gigantic sinkholes carving pain in our lives. For every forest man tries to decimate, the wrath of nature is claiming lives in a very mind-numbing rate.

Love everything in the world.

Which means you should always love the titis.

Hopefully this won’t attract Pinoy gay people thinking this is some site where they meet men!

Game over.


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