TNT is self destructing

Thanks to Quinito Henson, the series got chismax! 

There was this Twitter page a few months back on how Gilbert Arenas would want to play as an import for a random PBA squad. Well, given that the lockout has crapped the hell out of my current fantasy league, I could see Arenas playing for Talk N Text.

You know the word war TNT coach Chot Reyes has with Petron coach Ato Agustin?

His problems are bigger than being called gay by Agustin now.

The Petron Blaze Boosters is a win away from clinching the 2011 PBA Governor’s Cup championship. More importantly, Petron will spoil the Tropang Texters’ chance of becoming the fifth team to win a rare grand slam.

First up, let me just tell you that Chot Reyes is more of a metrosexual than a homosexual. He dresses neatly because his wife influenced him to dress well.

With that said, he is in deep shit now.

Where is Mark Yee when you need him? Thing is, for some insane reason, TNT lost its swagger. Yee can elbow, insult, or grope people. When the Blaze Boosters turned up their physical defense, TNT went missing in action. Actually, TNT would retaliate by playing Petron’s game instead of them dictating the pace. Games 2 and 3 were not won because they let the Boosters outperform them. When Game 5 was over, three Petron players scored ten points and hauled ten rebounds. Import Anthony Grundy had steady support from BPC winner Arwind Santos and 2-time PBA MVP Danny Ildefonso. The Boosters also had Denok Miranda for bench points.

With the way Arwind Santos is playing, it seems he’s treating this as revenge for getting snubbed at Jimmy Alapag’s MVP award. I believe it should be his and Jimmy Alapag would be contended with a grand slam but with the way it’s unfolding, can it be the other way around?  

Meanwhile, Ali Peek had a double-double but they got little support from Scottie Reynolds.

The small import shtick is killing the Tropang Texters. The import is stealing the spotlight on Reyes’ defensive specialist and in some ways... Jared Dillinger. Dillinger can be helpful once his game gets going but with Reynolds hogging the shooting guard position, Chot has the problem of rotating Larry Fonacier, Alapag, Jason Castro, Ryan Reyes, Aaron Aban, and Dillinger in the two positions. Remember when Aban was bodying up th 6’4 imports of the Commissioner’s Cup? But this could have been justifiable if Reynolds is performing like an import.

Can they still retrieve Maurice Baker?

That guy is gold compared to Reynolds.

Reynolds may be a scorer than Baker but Baker is in some ways like Grundy – a true guard that can defend and do other things than score. Sad to say, Reynolds is becoming a liability for the Tropang Texters and his faults are showing especially with Jason Castro dimmed as a doubtful starter. While I will never know why they didn’t “injury reserved” Baker (so that if Reynolds turns up bad, Baker can still play again), hopefully Chot Reyes can devise a way to make Reynolds productive. If they can’t get Reynolds to play well, they may need to replace him. Sure, it’s in short notice and it will definitely disrupt chemistry but if this could help their cause... then why waste it? 

Come on TNT, snap out of your slump! I want a modern day grand slam and I doubt if you'll have another crack of the opportunity you have right now! 

Maybe it’s time to use Manny V. Pangilinan’s resources to get a random NBA player to play for the club.

If MVP can convince Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and others to play in such short notice, then how hard it is to look for a top-of-the-line import?    

Can the underdogs upset the top dogs?

Can Talk N Text score multiple victories en route to a grand slam?

Game over!


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