To Mark Yee: No Butts on Defense

Mark Yee’s form of defense is by inserting his hand on the ass of Anthony Grundy...


The gays in the arena went livid.

Hindi lang in your face... in your shorts pa!

People are saying that during a finals series, the defense needs to step up a notch. What the fuck is Mark Yee’s problem sliding his fist on Anthony Grundy’s ass on Game 1 of the Best-of-7 series between the Talk N Text Tropang Texters and the Petron Blaze Boosters in the 2011 PBA Governor’s Cup Finals... twice! It was funny because Grundy was screaming foul all of a sudden and it’s not blocking or charging... it was just offensive. It was worse than a clothesline or an elbow to the face!

Grundy was literally screaming his lungs out because he was violated.

Who knew Grundy is ticklish?

According to Grundy, that was the first time he has very experienced that “kind” of defense. Yes, he really felt violated and he would like the referees to further harden their stance on Mark Yee’s defense. Barely a minute of playing TNT coach Chot Reyes took out Yee and he did not look at his ward... although it’s hard to hide the smirk after experiencing that kind of defensive treatment.

Yes, Mark Yee... what you did is a very wrong move considering there is a camera that caught you introducing your hand to Grundy’s bottom... and it was replayed in the arena’s widescreen projector. Mico Halili and Quinito Henson went berserk in exchanging ass jokes because of that incident. It was funny... but it's also kind of icky. 

And afterwards all the gays in the arena went wild.

Worse, Petron won the match, 89 to 88.

Game over.


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