What if Lebron James was on Space Jam?

You need to check out this clip I found in Youtube.

With how NBA players are trying to find work in distant lands, this situation is as relevant as ever. There have been talks about various superstars going overseas to keep in shape as the lockout endures. Deron Williams was signed up in Turkey, Kobe Bryant is probably weighing his options between Turkey and China, and players like Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, and Chris Paul are touring the world by visiting basketball-crazy countries.

And then there’s Lebron James. Fresh from a season filled with turmoil and anguish, all he needs is a fresh start.

Luckily, Bugs Bunny and his gang are here for the rescue.

This clip was shared in Facebook by Manuel Edralin.

It is a what-if concocted by College Humor. Unfortunately, you need to click the link to see the clip because College Humor disabled the embed request. 

What if it was Lebron James and not Michael Jordan who was in Space Jam?

By the way... dissing Jamario Moon?

Not cool!

Game over!


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