Zubiri Resigns

Zubiri's Future Endeavor:
Trip na Trip meets Philippine Explorer meets Banana Split meets Gokada 

Juan Miguel Zubiri resigned from the Senate do solidify his stand that he did not cheat or asked others to cheat for him.

Happening last August 3, it was like I am watching a reality show where a contestant had no choice but to leave the show because he misses his family. Zubiri said he wanted to stay but the situation left him in deep shit. Afterwards, the media people flooded him who by this time is with his wife who I’m pretty sure was a TV personality back in the day. Not seen from the aftermath is his 3-year-old kid who apparently got teased a lot by a bunch of “evil” yayas.

Admittedly this was a bold move for the senator who is at least two years away from finishing his term. Ever since Zaldy Ampatuan whistle blew that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo cheated to win the 2004 elections and had her hand on the 13-0 senatorial sweep during the 2007 elections, Zubiri has been on deep shit. Zubiri finished 13th in the senatorial elections and if you take out the Maguindanao votes, Koko Pimentel would have won. 

Before that, the only noteworthy scandal Zubiri had was hating the fact that Diana Zubiri is using his surname. 

I don't really get why he's pissed. 

Like I said, it’s a bold move considering that come 2013, who knows what the political landscape would be. The Arroyo term brought out a lot of graft and corruption in the news but the Aquino term is castigated for its lack of action. The great thing about his resignation is that he has the opportunity to start fresh. Also, he can “campaign” early by helping in a bunch of “livelihood projects”. Remember how people united to oust Joseph Estrada only to have him almost won in the 2010 presidential elections? If Zubiri does well in his “hiatus”, he’ll have a great lead in 2013. Hell, I can see Zubiri get to a top spot if he can properly make wonders for himself. 

Not only did he relieved his self from this predicament... he gets time to enjoy life and plan for his political future minus the hassles! 

The only problem with this move is that I were in his shoes, I would not have step down from his post. I know Zubiri wants to rid himself of this problem. It’s a gallant move to forget about the money he spent but it’s seems unnecessary considering that he never cheated. As a politician, he can always pin this to Arroyo since this is the trend these days.

I guess when the going gets tough, instead of abandoning the ship, a captain needs to sink with the ship.

Or in a politician’s case, sink with the ship and drag a bunch of people with him.

What happens now? It seems like the jury is up on whether or not the senate will accept his decision. If he does, then due process must be implemented.

I wonder if Zubiri is still affiliated with Now-Congresswoman Arroyo?

Game over.


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