Party poopers.



Petron capped an interesting season by playing spoiler to Talk N Text’s grand slam hopes. For non-TNT fans, that was cool. Ato Agustin should tell the SMC bigwigs to retire his number because of the magic trick he managed to concoct.

Anyway, Agustin and the Boosters are back with new faces and the same problems he had in the Governor’s Cup.

His injured superstars!

Yes with Mythical Ten Jay Washington and Rookie of the Year Rabeh Al-Hussaini in sickbay, the team’s frontline is certainly weak. This is despite the acquisition of Carlo Sharma, the resurgence of Danny Ildefonso’s awesomeness, and of course the one-man show that is Arwind Santos in the frontcourt.

Santos has been working like wild and even if he looks like a guard, he has all-around capabilities. He is bound to claim the MVP trophy sooner or later in his career.

However, the Blaze Boosters have improved their shooting and slashing core with the re-claiming of Dondon Hontiveros and drafting of third pick overall Chris Lutz. Lutz’ offense remains MIA but his defensive is definitely shackling while Hontiveros is just what the doctor ordered for the Boosters to fill in the void left by Barako Bull/Shopinas loans Paolo Hubalde and Jojo Duncil. Well, of course bringing in Hontiveros and Lutz will strengthen their offense but factoring in last year’s third pick Rey Guevarra, Agustin’s spawn Marc, and the return of loaned to own Lordy Tugade, offense will certainly not be an issue for Petron. 

Meanwhile, Alex Cabagnot is now the key quarterback of Petron. He was last year, but now he is definitely the “director” of the team’s future following Olsen Racela’s retirement. Racela has been pondering retirement for so long now and because with what he saw in Cabagnot, he can rest and concentrate in coaching now.

Other players that should definitely come up great this season are former Sta. Lucia Realtors Joseph Yeo and Denok Miranda. They will still look for other players to furnish their problems and Norman Gonzales looms as a favorite. 

Hopefully last year’s first overall pick Nonoy Baclao will get the chance to channel his inner Dikembe Mutombo and break out from a weak rookie campaign.

OUTLOOK: I am going to rank them low because of Washington and Al-Hussaini’s injuries. I know they won a championship without these guys but I am still unimpressed with the way they toughened their frontcourt. Like I said, Baclao is bound for a breakout season and they have shored up their offense.

I do hope the squad can be healthy because when the two comes in, expect Petron to put on a show.


Game over.

Makes me want to check out the retro Ginebra jerseys.



The current Ginebra roster is very, very easy to remember.

Step 1: Check out the players that logged playing time for the Kings at the end of the 2011 Governor’s Cup.
Step2: Switch the names and designations of Jong Uichico and Siot Tanquingcen.
Step 3: Replace Rudy Hatfield’s name with Reil Cervantes.
Step 4: There is no Step 4.

It’s that’s simple. I am actually surprised at how hellish the fans are in saying that the San Miguel Corporation have forgotten about the Kings because frankly, they have a very, very strong lineup. Let’s start at the point guard spot where Mike Cortez, Rob Labagala, and Jayjay Helterbrand are sharing the duties. If the retirement talk on Helterbrand becomes true, then the Kings are in dire need for a productive quarterback but fact is at this stage, what more can you ask?

But maybe you can. The shooters and slashers lineup of Ginebra is so deep. It is so deep that they let Willie Miller slide out of their roster for a bigger but less stellar (compared to Miller’s accomplishments) KG Canaleta. But it is so deep that some players in their roster have become redundant. I know Mark Caguioa is the cornerstone of the Ginebra franchise but maybe they can replace Jimbo Aquino or John Wilson in the long run for a stronger PG if and when Helterbrand retires. A healthy Caguioa will certainly lead the charge for the Kings and he will have Ronald Tubid and JC Intal to give the squad scoring support. However I don’t want Ginebra to trade John Wilson. Wilson is an offense-defense player with a pretty good jumper and he has proven his worth. I think there is a need to give Labagala and John Wilson as well as Tubid the tools to grow and become better players.

Another Wilson that proved his worth is Willie Wilson. Despite his lack of size to play the big man’s role, he persevered and he was one of Ginebra’s Top 5 best players last season. Unfortunately for Willie, Enrico Villanueva is back to reclaim his former glory while Reil Cervantes was acquired from the draft to give the squad youth in their frontline. Even with the loss of Rudy Hatfield, the Kings are still a force to contend with. Eric Menk is still a powerhouse (at times) and with him Villanueva, Cervantes, Yancy De Ocampo, and Billy Mamaril manning the frontcourt, the Kings have the tools to make it all the way in the Philippine Cup.

OUTLOOK: Fans don’t despair in the alleged lack of frontline of the Kings. They are safe… extremely safe. To begin with, the Kings never really depended on their frontline in terms of scoring and their guards are awfully selfish (in a good way) so that when their shots miss, they know they have the rebounders to score on putbacks.

The reinstatement of Siot Tanquingcen to the team’s helm should make the Kings a more gung-ho and upbeat squad. I hate Jong Uichico’s style not because he is a bad coach but despite his excellence, he isn’t a Ginebra coach for me. I’m going to root for Siot because he is believable in this never say die atmosphere.   

I can see them doing well in this season… IF THEY STAY HEALTHY!  


Game over.

Kulang na lang horns kamukha na niya yung logo nila.



The Ube Republic has been dismissed and now they are cloning themselves with the former Red Bull franchise. The Barako Bull Energy (minus the awful Boosters tag because Petron beat them to it) looks like a powerful team. They have a bunch of 2000’s stars and they are thinking bullish with their roster.

This season will be a serious road test for Junel Baculi. Baculi is a big-time coach in the PBL, MBA, and the other pro hoop circuits in and out of the country but he hasn’t been successful in the PBA. His first and only coaching stint in the league was the last conference of the “old” Barako Bull and placing last is a problem considering the talent that’s in his roster right now.

The team will be led by 2-time MVP Willie Miller and many-time MVP runner-up Danny Seigle. Miller’s Ginebra experience was career-defining because it looks as if he is on the verge of retirement and The Thriller wants nothing to do with that fact. He wants to do things a la Seigle that just when you think he is down and out, the Dynamite explodes awesomely.

Also in the mix to carry the load are Air21 holdovers Wynne Arboleda, Paul Artadi, Dorian Pena, Jondan Salvador, Leo Avenido, Leo Najorda, and Leo Gatumbato. Arboleda and Artadi will carry the bulk of the orchestration load not unless Miller gets a crack on the PG position. Salvador and Pena will give brawn in the big man position while Avenido and Najorda are expected to give the Energy quality plays.

Foul play for both players.

Barako Bull signed four rookies although the only players worth mentioning are D-League MVP Allein Maliksi and Smart-Gilas mainstay Dylan Ababou. While Ababou is warming the bench of the Nationals, Maliksi has been on a tear and this is why Maliksi was picked ahead of Super Ababou. The Bulls are lucky to find Ken Acibar late in the second round to give them size but I doubt if he and Paul Sorongan will see major minutes.

The loss of Dondon Hontiveros and the 2011 PBA Draft third overall pick proves depressing but the entry of Sunday Salvacion, Mick Pennisi, and Don Allado to the fold will make things interesting for the squad.    

OUTLOOK: The team in paper is very, VERY strong. At least five of these players garnered Mythical selection citations and most of the vets have a bunch of championship rings stacked in their drawers. However shining brightly will be the biggest test for the Energy. Playing as the FedEx/Air21 Express, the team had only one trip to the finals. With all the title rings their players have, let’s see if Barako Bull has the “Energy” to catapult their selves to the top.  


Game over.

Mr. Pure Energy solo act is no more!



Last season, the Powerade Tigers are a mess. The team lacks fangs to contend with the main protagonists of the league and the team is overloaded with shooters and slashers. But these shooters and slashers aren’t as stellar as what Ginebra, Rain or Shine, or Talk N Text have in their lineup.

One facet missing in their game is a second local option to team up with Gary David. David is always a spectacular scorer but clearly he cannot carry Powerade. Sean Anthony might be a force in the years to come but in his rookie year he is often injured. The team’s depth was so lacking that they had to pull Will Antonio out of retirement.  

Now the Powerade Tigers are the epitome of change. From last year’s lineup, they kept David, Anthony, Antonio, Celino Cruz, Dennis Espino, Francis Allera, Jai Reyes, RJ Rizada, and Ricky Calimag. Some of these players will likely see action on the Coca-Cola corporate outreach squad. Through wheeling and dealing, they managed to claim Josh Vanlandingham and Doug Kramer from Rain or Shine, and Romel Adducul from B-Meg. I am excited for Adducul because he has escaped the San Miguel Corporation. Sure, SMC helped The General during the times where he was sick and recovering from his cancer but they pretty much robbed him to succeed more in the PBA.

Kenneth Duremdes will also return for the squad. The playing governor wants to have a respectable retirement and what better way to that then to share this honor with Espino. Another PBA returnee is Alex Crisano. Crisano has had issues in the past but surely he’ll be a great factor for the squad.

Is it JV, Jayvee, or ugh... Jvee?

But perhaps the best part they beefed up is through acquiring stellar neophytes. Of course, the Smart-Gilas duo of top pick JV Casio and fourth overall pick Marcio Lassiter is a massive upgrade from last season. JV is the marquee point guard that they need. He is a scorer and his FIBA experience should make himself a marked man in the tourney. Same goes for Lassiter who is an all-around performer that can play multiple positions and is reliable with or without the ball. The acquisitions of UE duo Rudy Lingganay and James Martinez will be vital. Lingganay gained massive praise when he played well as an ABL import. Martinez on the other hand was a top collegiate prospect before he got injured. They can be good finds if Casio and Cruz become injured.

OUTLOOK: With all the new players in the Tigers camp, there are still flaws in their roster. Bo Perasol took a lot of good big men but I don’t think they are marquee men (unless Adducul turns back time). The chemistry between the Gilas players and Mr. Pure Energy must be checked as well because for two seasons, the Tigers only had Gary David for scoring comfort. I don’t think the Tigers will improve drastically this season but I’m sure they are ready to hand out surprise performances.  


Game over.

This image will never happen because Mike Cortez is already with Ginebra.



Wow. This is a first. I’m going to rate the Alaska Aces on the bottom of the pack. The Aces suffered a ginormous setback when they lost Tim Cone to a team that would offer him the best players the salary cap (whether over or under the table) would allow. That’s B-Meg by the way. This is basically the weakest Alaska team since the team loaned their stars to the 1998 Asian Games-bound squad (Rhoel Gomez and Rodney Santos were elevated to main men status). 

But the Aces remain unfazed. Joel Banal has taken over the ruins and I will love it if Banal, Jojo Lastimosa, and Bong Hawkins will face Cone, Johnny Abarrientos, and Jeffrey Cariaso Alaska versus B-Meg 3-on-3 match. Also with Luigi Trillo, the Aces will try to salvage the fact that life goes on sans their beloved mentor.

The triumvirate of LA Tenorio, Cyrus Baguio, and Sonny Thoss will be the team’s source of awesomeness. Lieutenant Tenorio won a title with Banal as coach and the team will warrant his leadership more than ever. Thoss is a headache for teams with weak frontlines while Baguio’s ability to find numerous ways to score is something that the Aces need to exploit. Tony Dela Cruz, a superstar once at Shell needs to jolt his career back to its old form. Same can be said to Jay-R Reyes, Sam Eman, and Bonbon Custodio. Reyes was acquired by Alaska for Joe Devance so he needs to perform well this season because the void left by JDV is seriously big.

Wesley Gonzales, another 2002 Ateneo title member, has responded well to the triangle system and may get his nth break in the league with the Aces.

If there is one thing good about the departure of Cone, this will be the usage of rookies. A number of careers started badly because they spent it with Alaska and that’s about to change with Mac Baracael, Eric Salamat, Ariel Mepana, and Julius Pasculado summing Alaska’s biggest rookie signed haul since 1993 when the then-Air Force claimed Abarrientos, Johnedel Cardel, and Dickie Bachmann.   

Rounding out the roster are veterans Brandon Cablay, Hans Thiele, Ervin Sotto, and Paolo Bugia.

OUTLOOK: On paper, Alaska is not that good. They have a lot of kinks to fix. However Alaska has proven time and time again that they have the best team money can buy… on a budget. While the Aces will certainly have the heart to beat the odds, Alaska will face tough competition from teams that grew stronger and I don’t know if they can hang with the upper half of the league. Unless Eman, Reyes, Gonzales, Baracael, Custodio, and Dela Cruz perform better and help the trio, I doubt their chances.


Game over.

I am really happy that team governor Shiela Lina is bent on making the Clickers competitive. Fact is Barako Bull and Powerade have been for some reason an outlet for weaker “midcard” teams to get wins.

But unlike Powerade that has “powered” up, Shopinas is parading a very, VERY weak squad.

At least Franz Pumaren and his DLSU cronies are trying to make the squad competitive. There were talks that Franz is being called by the alumni to replace his brother but those rumors were quelled following the announcement that former DLSU Archer and current Petron assistant Gee Abanilla will call the shots and current Ginebra assistant coach Jong Uichico will serve as team consultant. Anyway, without a solid offensive option, all eyes will focus on the reawakening of Renren Ritualo. It has been what… three years ago since he was last relevant but his team will need his rejuvenated spirit especially with the loss of their other offensive threat Lordy Tugade to Petron. In any case the team will just have to do with former Petron Blazer Jojo Duncil and former Meralco Bolt Ogie Menor. I thought the Clickers had a good 2011 PBA Draft by acquiring Smart-Gilas players Mark Barroca and Magi Sison but they merely handed the FEU Tamaraw to B-Meg. The only possible way to make things right is Elmer Espiritu’s resurgence from his abysmal rookie year. At least the Clickers got hold of former Smart-Gilas mainstay RJ Jazul.

I wish this experiment works.

Old hand Paolo Hubalde is set to be the team’s main quarterback with Dennis Daa, Marvin Cruz (?), Pong Escobal (?), Khasim Mirza, Vaughn Canta, (they failed to play for the squad last season) and Chad Alonzo (?) as the other holdovers from last season’s roster. However, their positions in the squad have yet to be cast in stone as Pumaren and his people are checking other possible applicants like former UST Tiger Mark Canlas, former first round pick (that has yet to play in the PBA) James Sena, ex-DLSU stars Hyram Bagatsing and Brian Ilad, and any random offensive player’s hell on earth Homer Se. Surely in the future I can see the Pumaren trying to retrieve either Joseph Yeo or Don Allado to their fray.

While the team will pass their 12-man lineup in time, I can see it ballooning to 18 as the season progress.

OUTLOOK: The team will be the Philippine Cup’s favorite whipping boys. But as the Philippine Cup progresses, Pumaren will probably get a clear view on the players that “click” in his system. Who knows – maybe the team will luck out on an import in either the Commissioner’s or the Governor’s Cup that will take them to levels that weren’t projected for them.

But certainly they will suck in the Philippine Cup.


Game over.

I curious on how FIBA calculates their rankings following the news that the Philippines is now eight spots higher from their previous seed.

Jumping out of the 53rd spot, Team Pilipinas is now number 45 in the world and number ten in the continent. While twin fourth-place finishes in the FIBA Champions Cup and more importantly in the FIBA-Asia Championship were disappointing, this is a major plus for our squad in its vow to claim recognition that we once had.

A question though.

Last time I checked Israel is in Asia.

And last time I caught glimpse of an Isreali game, they were playing in the Eurobasket. Not that I’m complaining or anything since I think it’s safe for me to say that our country doesn’t want to safe a squad that has former Sacramento and current Cleveland shooter Omri Casspi in their lineup. But what the hell right?

Anyway, are the Asian teams (according to continent) on the list:

10 – China
20 – Iran
23 – Lebanon
28 – Jordan
29 – Israel  
31 – Korea
34 – Japan
35 – Qatar
41 – Chinese Taipei
45 – Philippines
47 – Kazakhstan
58 (tied) – India
58 (tied) – Indonesia
61 – Uzbekistan
63 (tied) – Kuwait
63 (tied) – United Arab Emirates
65 (tied) – Syria
69 (tied) – Malaysia
69 (tied) – Saudi Arabia
71 (tied) – Hong Kong
75 (tied) – Bahrain
79 – Sri Lanka

Bo McCalebb’s Macedonia advanced fourteen spots after finishing fourth in the 2011 Eurobasket. Placing second in terms of rise is Luol Deng’s Great Britain which notched thirteen places above the competition. Ranking third is of course… Team Pilipinas.

Meanwhile the travesty that begot Qatar sends them six places down. Virgin Islands is the most unfortunate country at the moment with sixteen spots below tolerability. Egypt is next with -15 and rounding the list is Algeria with -13. With the way we are playing, I am sure that Team Pilipinas will have at least a Top 30 mark in the future.

Game over!

I woke up having second thoughts. I don’t want to go to work but the disciplined bastard inside me wanted me to get my act straight.

I rode the tricycle at around 10:45 but as I travel to the bus stop, my pants are already getting wet. When I got off the trike, I tried to use my umbrella but the wind crippled it long before I could even use it. I rode an air-conditioned bus and the harrowing sight of trees with destroyed branches, garbage amuck the streets, and people trying to keep their selves dry is frightening.

When I got off the bus (East Avenue corner EDSA intersection), the reality that the wind was freaking monstrous engulfed me. I can see a Pizza Hut motorbike tapping out from the gust of wind. And then a bike that was thrown off the road was shockingly moving. After I faced the rain head on, it was evident that my wet look appearance will not make attractive to gay benefactors. Lucky for me I had an emergency clothing stash in my office cabinet.

This is while people jump in glee with the suspension of work.

Typhoon Pedring.


The day after the second anniversary of Typhoon Ondoy brought a lot of destruction to most parts of the country and hopefully the water works halt because the last thing the nation needs right now is another tragedy.

Game over.

I’ll openly admit – I will steal concepts that I think are awesome.

Anything that’s hilarious, mind-numbing, bizarre, kinky, and ridiculous will automatically be inside my list. I have seen this commercial since a couple of years back but one office viewing suddenly brought me back to the beautiful shocker that are the Panda Cheese TVC’s.

Game over!

When I was a little kid, me and my sister had this rule where the first person who turns on the TV will rule the television.

She’ll always wake up early during Saturday mornings and instead of manly cartoons I am forced to watch My Little Pony and Friends.

It came to the point where I was pleading for my sister to WATCH My Little Pony and Friends.


So when this Deathbattle came into my senses, the first thing my mind uttered was what the hell.

But then I was pleasantly surprised about the outcome.

Starscream tries to destroy Rainbow Death in this edition of Deathbattle!

Game over!

The Hapipaks band was created because after years of being friends Odie (Jason Abalos) suddenly sees Irene as “Jackson” material. Basically Jackson is defined as the person you want to molest.

By the way, Irene is being played by Glaiza De Castro.

Anyway after they find a former Titik O axeman-turned-barista and an angst-driven drummer, they form an ambitious rock group that’s bound to make the OPM rock scene awesome again.

This is the review of Rakenrol!


*** SPOILER ALERT!!! ***

What I Liked:

The writing. The research. The acting. While I wouldn’t be surprised why Quark Henares and Diego Castillo had seriously extensive info on the history of Pinoy rock, there is a reason why I hate Trinoma for not screening this. This is an awesome movie! This is a barkada movie that a group of friends can converge at! I all of a sudden warped back to the days when OPM Bandmania is good and less angst-filled. The movie is mix of all the stoner flicks like Fanboys, Miss March, Empire Records, Harold and Kumar, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Happy Gilmore, and all those kinds of awesomeness. I’ve watched and I felt the acting here is genuine because let’s face it – it’s not as if there’s no kid that didn’t want to front a band.

The music is awesome. The references on various OPM band-related subjects are fine. While I am not a fan of Urbandub (sorry), I am happy that the band scene was ably represented in this flick. I kind of liked the Ely Buendia “Hugh Hefner from Miss March/Chubbs from Happy Gilmore” almighty figure shtick although people will definitely kind the scene cheesy. I dunno... maybe it’s just the fanboy in me.

Where is Parokya ni Edgar? 

Anyway, Jason Abalos struggled at the start of the movie but managed to hold his own playing Odie. I think his character is somewhat molded a la Jhun from the defunct Culture Crash segment One Day Isang Diwa (kung sino man humiram non sakin pakisoli). Fact is his character is kind of normal compared to the others in the movie and the audience needs to feel his underdog spirit before they can dig his persona.

Glaiza De Castro is great in this film. She’s basically “Jackson” in terms of acting and she didn’t come off as annoying despite being the ultimate rock geek. It was fun to see her dance to Disconnection Notice (she was part of the music video). Her naive groupie interactions with Diether Ocampo are also good.  Her first gig at Mayric’s is also epic.

Their love story is also swell. You can see the intensity between Odie and Irene during their confrontation scene.

Alwyn Uytingco amongst the four main cast members had the meatiest role. His curses were well-timed and of the four, his character garnered the most change. At the start of the movie you’ll hate him but in the end you see him getting the love. Hell, I can see the film getting anchored on his standpoint and I believe it will even look better.  

Ketchup Eusebio is the “most natural” actor in the film. I am actually surprised that he isn’t really used much as a sidekick in John Lloyd Cruz movies. My girlfriend exclaimed that it was as if his acting is effortless in the flick and his interactions with Jason Abalos and Alwyn Uytingco are solid. The cigarette-puffing purveyor of sanity in the group also had solid interactions with Jun Sabayton.

Speaking of Jun Sabayton, if you weren’t a fanboy of Strangebrew, TV5’s Word of the Lourd, or any Furball-inclined production, then BE ONE! Sabayton’s icky “intelligent Sammy Lagmay” approach in the movie is funny as hell. Actually he is funnier here compared to Ramon Bautista’s Flame character (a gay director minus the artistic qualities) and that says a lot considering the Ramon Bautista’s antics here were awesome (albeit short).  

Where is Tado?

Matet De Leon playing a fictional/real-life (eyng?) version of her self is cool. I thought they would have done more insanity in this idea considering how a stunt like this pushed Neil Patrick Harris’ career back to relevance. I was bent that all interactions in the movie will start with “diba ikaw yung batang cute dati”?

And last on the list is Diether Ocampo. He is the film’s version of Aldous Snow. More on this later.

The love story formed in the movie is kind of predictable but relatable. It has the Wonder Years effect on it where the point of view of Odie is talking us through on his early band experience. Come to think of it, it seems that Quark Henares and Diego Castillo researched more than the bands’ discography but band life in particular. We zero in at the different situations and problems that a band can have.

I remember a certain band breaking up because the vocalist broke up with the guitarist. I also remember a certain guitarist quit the band after his heart was stomped by the vocalist.

I also remember a band guy kissing a band guy.


Moving on.

What I Hated:

I don’t really hate the movie because I understood it. Given the circumstances though, I think the film needed to secure a broader audience in order for the film can work on mainstream. I mean my girlfriend was laughing at the jokes but she finds it hard to understand who the great Rakistas are.

I don’t really want to Diether Ocampo in my hate spot because he is perfect in portraying the annoying dick with the wonderful body and the rich kid status. However, I don’t know if he needs to emphasize his lines more or if he needs to Tagalize it. Instead of channelling Russell Brand maybe they could have it a la Baron Geisler or at least totally over the top it. Also the secondary characters are adorable than the four. I was actually hoping that we see more from Jun Sabayton and Ramon Bautista.

As for the secondary characters though, I think they dropped the ball on Ricardo Cepeda. The Genta Ogami shtick is outdated and people don’t even remember it. The real-life guy swindled people and help fund Roland Gan Ledesma action movies, Mateo Family showbiz careers, and Chibugan Na.

Do people miss Philippine Bengga Association?

I don’t think so.

Of course, the movie was rich in music but I just hoped the film featured popular bands and not those bands that they only know. One classic scene that could have used familiarity was the bed jumping scene where they featured Cambio’s Patlang. I like the song, no question about that, but maybe I would have gone with something mainstream to make people relate to the feeling they are having. Sandwich’s Sugod while gasgas is relatable. If they are bent on using a Cambio song, they could have used Pasaway. Imagine Odie and Irene jumping in slomo with that.

And maybe the ending could have been grander. I mean sure, it was set up by Ely Buendia (like I said... spoiler alert) but maybe there could have been more. Sure they are planning to have a star-crossed lover situation but like I said, the ending really failed to hook my satisfaction level. If this was me I would have given them an intimate moment while singing their last song where it either Irene will kiss Odie or leave him in tears.

This would set up the record bar scene where The Songs For Irene album is getting attention.

The Verdict:

Rakenrol is actually a very enjoyable movie. Watching the movie without the awesomeness of Dolby Surround sucks! SM Cinemas should really take care of their cinema’s audibility. Despite the kinks in its formation, I still tip my hat for the persons responsible for Rakenrol. I was cameo hunting throughout the movie and just like the fascination of Odie when he went to Jacci Rocha’s party, it would be an awesome experience to talk and drink in front the Ebe Dancel, Buddy Zabala, and the most awesome musicians that Pinoy Rock ever produced.

I am certain that this movie can have a sequel considering there are a lot of questions that weren’t really answered. Yes, the movie has franchise tendencies.

Like I said, I am seriously loving Philippine Cinema right now.

Game over!

I have to enjoy a sporting event which I why I checked out the Jones versus Jackson match.

I was shocked on how Jon “Bones” Jones dwarfs Quentin Jackson. I was even shocked with the “kung fu monkey”-like stance he did at the start of the first round. I felt like watching a Jean Claude Van Damme tournament style movie.

Inasmuch as I like Rampage, Bones just dismantled him. In the end, Jones handed Jackson his ass.

But man was I so depressed on the Smart-Gilas loss. I was so depressed that I badly photoshopped Jones elbowing Philippine basketball’s newest enemy Cho Sung Min.

At least the Jon Jones fight made me happy... for a while.

Game over.

Hur Jae is one of the most well-known Korean superstars. I love him most of the times but I HATE HIM RIGHT NOW!

Japeth Aguilar is wearing a t-shirt. He will probably play in this game. In the singing of the national anthem, Kelly Williams knows the tune while Asi Taulava and Jimmy Alapag are trying their best to sing it. That’s nice.  

Hey... Olsen Racela is with Mico Halili in commentating duties.

This is funny.

Racela doesn’t hate Korea but he hates the Korean national basketball team.  

Opening tip. JV Casio is starting. That’s good. Marcus Douthit starts his scoring barrage with a manic layup. Anyway, Chris Lutz as expected is shadowing Moon Tae Jung. Korea calls for time as both squads are struggling to find their shots.

Four minutes has gone by and Marcus Douthit is the only person that scored. Both teams are babying their shots. Kim Joo Sung changed that at the 5 minute mark. Kelly Williams missed both free throws and Kim Joo Sung hits a triple.



And then a Marcio Lassiter drop pass to Douthit gets a basket and a bonus free throw to send the Philippines up by two, 7 to 5. Chris Tiu bungled a floater and Team Pinas missed a fast break play but Jimmy Alapag scores on a fast break three! Jimmy Alapag missed a layup but Douthit tips the shot in to make the game 12 to 5. Kim Yong Hwan makes his charities to make it 12 to 7 but Kelly Williams sinks a “banda” jump shot to make it 14 to 7. Kelly Williams almost makes a Hail Mary shot to finish the first quarter 14 to 7.

The Olympic Qualifiers will be on July 2 to 8.

Easy task!  

Second quarter underway! Lassiter hustles to keep the ball alive to result in Douthit going to the free throw line but he splits his charities. Meanwhile Douthit was just called for an offensive foul. Jimmy Alapag steals but the Koreans countersteals it. Minutes later, TJ Moon nails an easy hoop to make it 15 to 9. Jimmy Alapag then again nails a fast break three!

I like Mico Halili right now.


Asi Taulava remembers 2002. He is now in the game. For the fourth time, Korea bungles a layup shot. Olsen Racela is thinking like a coach. Lassiter blocks a Korean and Mico is dissing Olsen Racela for saying Kuya Marcus Douthit. Kim Joo Sung nails a basket. He has 7 of Korea’s 11 markers. Then Ranidel De Ocampo strikes a triple and then he forces a Korean turnover. Team Pilipinas needs to check their free throws as Douthit splits his free throws. Douthit is again fouled and this time he hits both charity shots. Kim Joo Sung attempts a shot and gets Douthit’s second foul. Kim splits his free throws. Kim Jong Kyu runs and scores and unfortunately Chris Lutz was called for an unsportsmanlike foul! The Philippines sues for time.

The slomo cams are cool.

With the foul the lead just got trimmed, 24 to 15.

Marcus Douthit got hurt via an elbow to the head.

That should sting.

Kim Jong Kyu then goes off with a slam! The lead has been reduced to 24 to 17!

At the end of the first half, Philippines 24 – Korea 17!

Korea has parked Ha Seung Jin on their bench and I don’t know if they are making the Philippine coaching staff guess but they need to check this development in the second half. Korea with 11 percent 3-point shooting? Team Pilipinas should be wary on that stat.

Third quarter commencing. Chris Tiu and JV Casio scoring back-to-back shots. Kim Jong Kyu gets his second slam in the game. JV Casio then sends the ball flying to a Kelly Williams thunderous jam! Korea quickly calls for a timeout! The 6-0 blitz upgrades the lead to 11 points. Kang Byung Hyun scores from an aggressive move but fails to convert on the bonus free throw. Kelly Williams gets fouled and splits his free throws. We need to check our free throws. Kang Byung Hyun nails a triple – which is only Korea’s second and then Kang nails a fast break. Team Pilipinas calls for a timeout to quell the uprising.

As of this moment, Philippines still has the lead, 31 to 26. Chris Tiu has four fouls. Lee Jung Suk slices the lead down to three and Mac Baracael comes in. JIMMY ALAPAG FAST BREAK THREE! Jimmy Alapag is so cute when he fouls. Anyway, Chris Lutz hits a fast break layup! Kang Byung Hyun got fouled and he splits his charities. Lutz again hits a three! I think this is his tourney-high if I’m not mistaken. Marcus Douthit is smiling after a streaking layup although he fails to hit his bonus shot. Cho Sung Min capitalizes on a Douthit missed opportunity! Douthit splits his charities. Cho Sung Min hits a triple to make the lead 42 to 34. Oh Se Keun nails a lay-in but Jimmy Alapag answers with a triple! Alapag then explodes to the ring despite the hands of the defenders and score!

At the end of the third, Philippines is up, 47 to 36.

In the fourth quarter, Kim Joo Sung nails a J. Douthit is again named and Racela mentions the nice thing about Baracael’s entry. Anyway, Douthit scores both charities. Kim Joo Sung is then called with an illegal pick but TJ Moon steals the ball and Lutz had no choice but to give up a foul! TJ Moon has only 3 points. In China, he was brought down to six. Moon then scores via a powerful drive. Baracael is doing impact moves and nails a jumper! Kim Joo Sung scores on the inside but that doesn’t matter with Jimmy Alapag nailing his fifth triple! But Cho Sung Min strikes and scores on a triple to send the game to 54 to 46. Kim Joo Sung brings the lead down to six and the Philippines calls for a timeout. Alapag should have just nailed that because the refs wouldn’t care of the foul he was trying to fish.

Kelly Williams was called violating the inside by forcibly creating space and we just reach the six minute mark. Cho Sung Min gets free and nails a jumper. And then after Douthit missed his shot he tracks the ball to nail the lay-in. Douthit then scores on the bonus free throw to send the game to 57 to 50. Douthit then did something scary by dribbling the ball. What’s lucky though was Kim Joo Sung fouls him and that was his fifth foul and it sends Korea to the penalty. Then Douthit hits both free throws. Ok Sekeun hits a close shot and after a Douthit miss and a Moon botched attempt, Ok Sekeun nails back-to-back to close the lead down to a four-point lead.

Kelly Williams sends the lead to six!

Chris Tiu fouls out after hitting phantom hitting Ok Sekeun and Ok scores again! Douthit zooms to the lane and gets another foul. Douthit makes both free throws. Cho Sung Min nails a triple and gets the fifth foul of Chris Lutz. Both Chris’ have fouled out and Cho makes the lead down to two. Casio turns the ball and Baracael stops a Moon shot. Then Douthit scores a basket to increase the lead back to four with two minutes remaining in the game!


Cho Sung Min strikes another triple and the lead is now down to one! Baracael misses a shot and then TJ Moon scores a triple and it gives Korea the first taste of the lead.


Kim Jong Kyu fouls out after attempting to stop Douthit. Douthit on the line. Douthit hits the first. Douthit misses it but they recover. Douthit then gets blocked by TJ Moon and now the ball will be jumped. Privilege arrow goes to the Philippines. Nakaw attempt from Kelly Williams and he will go to the line. OK Sekeun fouls out! Williams missed his first. Williams missed both. Racela is reliving 2002. Baracael fouls Cho. Cho makes the first. Cho makes the second.

Make or break time.

Jimmy missed the penetration but Douthit retrieves the ball. Two free throws for Douthit. Douthit makes the first. Douthit missed! But Lassiter gets the ball and he is fouled! Lee Jung Suk fouls out!


Lassiter scores the first! Lassiter missed the second! Douthit has the ball but Cho Sung Min steals the ball! REMEMBER 2002 AND MAKE THEM PAY GILAS! I BELIEVE!

Casio throws a triple.

Korea wins the match 70 to 68.

I hate it. From Lee Sang Min to Cho Sung Min.

I am too depressed to even compliment what I just witness. Our boys played well in the first 36 minutes and then we just fold like that... like I said, it feels like 2002 all over again.

Don’t get me wrong. I am still proud of their accomplishments but they should be more.

Where is our happy ending?

Game over.