Back to the Future Shoes!

150 lucky people will have the chance that no man had... done... or will be doing... or would have done but didn’t they have done it...

... Or did.

The Back to the Future franchise is one of the best movies of film history... ever. It’s not boring. It’s adventure-packed. It’s freakin’ awesome. Even if Michael J. Fox have semi-retired from acting because of Parkinson’s Disease, his portrayal as Marty McFly immortalized his being. Same can be said with Christopher Lloyd, Leah Thompson, Crispin Glover (although Glover will get more fame by portraying a character that talks to mice), and Thomas F. Wilson.

Thomas Wilson is Biff... the bully you love to level with a shovel.  

Anyway, in the 20th anniversary of the best movie in the series, Back to the Future 2, Nike teamed up with the people behind the franchise to give us this – The Back to the Future shoes.

The shoes will be auctioned for the benefit of the people with Parkinson’s Disease.

I personally look at this as a good way to help people endure this disease. And for the fans of the franchise this shoe shouts awesomeness. The problem with this shoe is that it is slated for limited release and at 3,000USD or more, I bet the only for people to have this sneaker is through swarming a bunch of bootleg shops.


Maybe in the 25 year anniversary of Back to the Future 2, they'll do the hoverboard

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Game over!


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