Bigger and badder Bader!

I was about to blog about the ineligibility of Marcio Lassiter and Chris Lutz to play in the 2011 FIBA-Asia Championship.

But then the Bahrain versus China shocked me.


For those who live in a rock and have no idea on how popular basketball is in the Philippines, Bader Malabes is a former DLSU Green Archers that was with the squad when Macmac Cardona and Joseph Yeo were still playing for the school. Born in Bahrain to Filipino parents, Malabes was left undrafted in the PBA Draft (This was stated by the broadcast panel comprised of Ronnie Magsanoc and Mico Halili although as I searched the net, I can’t seem to find any article supporting this statement. I'm guessing his papers are just problematic.) so he returned to Bahrain and apparently made a name for himself.

So why the hell am I hailing his name?

In the 2011 FIBA-Asia Championships, Bader Malabes scored 15 points in the first quarter against China.

China the host team...

China the team where Yi Jianlian, Wang Zhizhi, Liu Wei, and Sun Yue is playing...  

China... the F’N Asian powerhouse!   

Sure China regained form to wallop the Bahraini ballers, 101 to 49 but they did enough to give the host team hell.  

And like I said... Bader Malabes.

Why wasn’t he like that when he was still playing for La Salle?

Seeing him perform makes me wonder about those other players that used to call their Philippines their home.

Maybe I’ll get to see Ferdinand playing for his team in Indonesia!


Anyway, if the reports are true, then as a Fil-Am, Bader Malabes is entitled to play in the PBA. Thing is, with the way he played against a powerhouse team like China, maybe he can do the same in the PBA. Bear witness to the fact that as a ROOKIE FREE AGENT, he is entitled to entertain various offer sheets and sign with whatever PBA team he can play for.

I am guessing Franz Pumaren would like to use Malabes in some extent. The Clickers have in some ways La Salle-ize its lineup and Bader can be the shooting guards he yearns right now. Playing in front of the Bahraini crowd, he is reminiscent to James Yap or Macmac Cardona in terms of fanfare.

This means he is now used to being the go-to-guy and can be trusted to do great things in dire situations.

But maybe he is contented as a top star in Bahrain.

Certainly, seeing him play again is such a wonderful sight.

I wonder how he’ll fare playing against ex-teammate JV Casio?

Game over!


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