FIBA (Hagop) swats Qatar

Thanks a lot Lebanese coach!

You just messed up the granddaddy of all basketball tournaments in Asia!

At first, the dangerous Qatar squad started with 12 men. These guys are poised to open up a can of hurting because they have the tools to whoop ass! They are also our rivals alongside Jordan and Iran but that's just because we join the same tournaments. We know how they play... but they also know our style as well.  

However, citizenship issues brought about Team Lebanon’s coach decimated the team’s legit players from twelve to seven. The roster was reduced to five following the injuries to their other players.

And then as they are about to face Iran, the depleted Qataris is just a five-man squad.

What happened afterwards is anything but pretty.

Hamed Haddadi and the rest of Iran were left dazed and confused as to why the Qataris are fouling the hell out of them. Minutes later, Iran wins the match via default. While some can say this is a sign of mockery, surely their actions are screaming protest to the shitty ruling that left more than half of Qatar and for our side, Marcio Lassiter and Chris Lutz, out of the 2011 FIBA-Asia Championship.

Whoever this Hagop person is, he just made the tourney unbelievably dumb. Team Qatar joined a bunch of FIBA-sanctioned tourneys leading to this grand stage and this Hagop guy trashed their dreams.

Well, maybe the Qatar players are ineligible from the get-go but at least they were vigilant enough to check out their documents and give the Qataris enough time to adjust just in case their players are ineligible. If we knew Lutz and Lassiter are ineligible, we would have tapped Dylan Ababou and Jason Ballesteros. The same thing should happen to the Qataris if they were given enough time to react with regards to this development.

This development means that Lutz and Lassiter’s chances is next to dim... not unless they ditch their ruling because they realized that what they did was a major mistake.

For those keeping count, before the Iran versus Qatar match was ruined by default, the Iranians were leading, 40 to 4.

At least the Qataris are consistent though. In their debut match against Uzbekistan, they did the same thing. Eventually the first quarter ended with the Uzbeks winning by default, 27 to 12.

Hopefully Team Pilipinas will do well despite the absence of Lassiter and Lutz.

Game over!


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