Kang Hodong quits Two Days One Night?

I have this one Korean show in KBS World that I religiously watch. It’s a travel show where six actors boast the wonders of Korea.

Some call this Two Days One Night (2D1N).

Some call it One Night Two Days (1N2D).

I call it the most awesome Korean variety show ever!

Among the six actors, it’s safe to say that Kang Hodong is the star of the show. Since the show’s inception three or four years ago, the former Korean sumo wrestling champion (ssireum) has been the heart and soul of this show for some time now.

Because of his insane ability to deliver laughter to people, he became one of the highest paid entertainers in Korea. Aside from 1N2D, he was the host of SBS’ Star King and MBC’s Gold Fishery – two of the most watched programs in the nation.

Here’s a clip of Two Days One Night.

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Kang Hodong will leave the show. One of the reasons pointed out for the resignation is personal. The show’s producers have answered the rumors by saying no.

That was until September 5.

Kang Hodong apologized to his legions of fans worldwide because of tax evasion. Not paying taxes dutifully have ramifications – especially if you are a popular host seen around the world. Sure, Hodong will pay the fine but the strain the investigation created made him second-guess his value as a comedian.

In a tear-laden apology, Kang Hodong wanted off as an entertainer to reflect.

“I have the job of an entertainer and it’s my duty to deliver laughter and happiness to the people. How could I have the gall to laugh and chatter on TV like nothing’s happened? How could the viewers keep on laughing... looking at my face?”

Almost a year ago, another 1N2D cast member, MC Mong, was placed in public scrutiny because he allegedly doctored his medical records so he can be exempted in doing mandatory military service. Unlike Kang Hodong who is a beloved member of the 1N2D’s set, Mong was treated as persona non grata and his name and appearance got banned from the show.

There are also reports that another cast member, Shining Inheritance’s (Brilliant Legacy) Lee Seunggi will leave the show to participate in mandatory military service.

While I understand the decision, I am bracing the events that will transpire with his departure from the show. If he just tries to shake off his demons, who will step up to carry the burdensome load of emulating his awesomeness? If he retires permanently, will One Night Two Days be able to withstand his absence or will the show get cancelled?

Game over!


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