Mayweather versus Ortiz: The sucker punch sucks!

In Round 4, Victor Ortiz threw an intentional headbutt after an intense combination that saddled Floyd Mayweather Jr. on the ropes.

It gave him enough time to deck an unguarded and apologetic Ortiz. This knocked out Ortiz and gave Floyd Mayweather another victim in his undefeated record.

Before the fourth round, Mayweather was owning Ortiz through stiff combinations and his fascinating defense. When the fourth round happened, Ortiz ignited a storm and that overzealousness to crack to first dent to Mayweather’s legacy caused him to give Mayweather the freedom to bang his fist to his head.

Maybe the “keep yourself protected at all times” rule should be taken literally.


While what Mayweather did was dastardly, Ortiz should have seen this coming. Whatever Mayweather did didn’t merit any violation. This means what cowardly act Floydie did was legal. Mayweather is brass, arrogant, cocky, and true to him form, unrepentant. Ortiz might be the face of the division in the near future but his inexperience spoke volumes. If this was Manny Pacquiao or frankly any other fighter, this could have been nothing.

But it wasn’t.

Mayweather has ducked every possible hindrance to save his undefeated streak. He will resort to volumes just to support his claims as one of the sport’s best. Like I said, Ortiz should have seen this coming and he is the one to blame for this loss.

If this was Manny Pacquiao... this would have never happened.

Because of the sucker punch Mayweather threw, people are putting the Pacquiao versus Mayweather fight on hold so that Ortiz can seek redemption. All of a sudden, Mayweather brought a potential money-drawer in the fray that although this is not as the same magnitude of a Pacquiao-Mayweather match, it has the storylines for people to give a damn about.

Ortiz must be seething right now. He will try his best to stop Mayweather and I wouldn’t be surprised if a ton of people rile him up and offer his services to him just to cream the hell out of the cocky Mayweather.

But then again, maybe Ortiz could give his spot up for Pacman because once the talk of rematch kicks in, then Mayweather could be booked for 2012.

Mayweather-Ortiz... part two.

Game over.


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