Shamcey victorious

Is it me or we now know how to win the Miss Universe pageant?

As Jason Webb said in his Twitter account, after the Miss Universe coverage, may tao na ulit sa parlor. I have no idea what Shamcey Supsup looks like before the win but after 2010 Miss Universe’s Venus Raj’s fourth runner-up feat, I figured that we might have now the needed knowledge to chase a third title after Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran.

By the way, Amanda Coling, the girl that allegedly got raped by a bunch of Azkals members has this to say on Twitter.


See, I’m now interested in checking the strategies the Binibining Pilipinas people are instilling on their candidates. While the proper etiquette, posture, and attitude are needed, it’s also important for the contenders to have the essential pre-Binibining Pilipinas awesomeness.



Yes, I made up this word up. Pinoys have a thing for chinitas and mestizas. In a way we also like those Mediterranean-looking women. Just because we do though, doesn’t mean the world agrees with us. Wilma Doesnt for example is a hottie but she became a default comedian because of her skin. But let us not forget that before she settled being a comedian, she was a world-renowned supermodel.

In 2011, the Miss Universe was an Angolan (Leila Lopes) with a Chinese bet also in the Top 5. While those European beauties and the Latinas have the edge, the Miss U Pageant is also looking out for various “firsts”.


Speaking of comedians, ever wondered why sexy stars are either typecasted as sidekicks, dumb blondes, or whores? Girls with high IQ’s get ahead in these types of “warfare”. Venus Raj is a cum laude (Journalism) at Bicol University while Shamcey Supsup is a cum laude (Architecture) at the University of the Philippines. The question and answer portion is the final Kamehame wave of this battle. Mess up a question and it will terrorize you forever. This is why Charlene Gonzales’ “high tide or low tide” and Raj’s “major, major” statements are Q and A notables that made people rant and rave.

Nerves of Steel

Here’s the thing. The Miss Universe Pageant is like the Olympics for hotties. Before thinking of joining the Binibining Pilipinas Pageant, these girls have been veterans of various collegiate and community-based beauty contests. But like I said compared to various barrio beauty contests, Miss U is a whole different animal. I have been on stage productions where the backstage is filled with people in panic mode so what more for girls representing her country’s pride and honor?


I know judges aren’t allowed to talk with contestants so a girl has to go all out in swaying their votes for her. Ever watched Survivor? Survivor is a show that combines physical and intellectual prowess with socializing. The show builds on trust and reactions that’s why even the unlikeliest of contestants win the contest. Nowadays Survivor has also instituted the fan favorite vote where the fans are the judges and they select the castaway that will win the 100,000USD prize through online voting. The judges in Miss Universe are like the online votes where they check out the ladies fit for the distinction. Also for the first time, the pageant has institutionalized online voting.   

But then again, maybe actual politics can play a big part in the proceedings. I don’t think a Palestinian will win a Miss Universe Pageant held in Dubai. However, maybe a Jew can win in Muslim soil to promote peace and unity in the region. While it’s not right to even consider the pageant as a political tactic, it is certainly doable.


Certainly Shamcey Supsup had most or in fact all of the attributes mentioned above to win third runner-up honors in the 60th edition of the Miss Universe Pageant (Lea Salonga was also a judge in the event). I’d like to say congratulations to Shamcey but maybe she should have gone higher.

Online reports are roaring saying that Oprah Winfrey thought Shamcey should have won. She answered the question given to her nicely and as Oprah stated it – she was the only one to get the question right. I am not a fan of Oprah’s endeavours but hey... what the hell, right? 

Which brings me to my final factor... 



Maybe we shouldn’t underestimate the power of eloquent people that can in some ways alter the answer or beautify a statement. Contestants shouldn’t think about the Q & A as some sort of graded recitation. Imagine if Venus Raj used an interpreter to “translate” or “clean up” her answer? Before the Q & A, Venus Raj was considered the frontrunner of the pageant.

Plus points are given to those who speak in English. I know Shamcey is more than capable of speaking our second language but maybe to answer the questions perfectly, the contestant must speak her mind up more than thinking of what word she’ll say next. Thus the role of the interpreters comes forth. 

The interpreters can also serve as allies in editing statements. 


Shamcey’s win puts the country in the limelight. The 2012 Miss Universe will now be a critical one. I don’t think the Philippines can go for a third straight Top 5 rank unless they field in a woman that is ultra-awesome. If the Philippines want to win next year’s tiff they have to go all out on the girl that looks exotic yet lovely, highly intelligent, can be well-liked by her opponents and judges, and is quick in her words and confident in her answers (not unless interpreters aren’t that necessary). I also think that the online voting is good for us because Pinoys have this knack for uniting as if to tell the world that we are poised to dominate.

Maybe most of the judges in that panel changed their religion so they can be with the person they loved?

Again congratulations to Shamcey Supsup and for the Binibining Pilipinas organizers, you did one helluva job and we look forward to your “magic” in next year’s edition. Even if I am proclaiming the use of interpreters, you can't fault her to not use one because she's too smart and confident to even claim one. This is why she had a lot of people pulling for her to win. The mere fact that Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago is threatening a protest regarding on the results of the pageant through Twitter is basis enough that she made the country proud.  

Game over!


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