Team Pilipinas jumps to 45

I curious on how FIBA calculates their rankings following the news that the Philippines is now eight spots higher from their previous seed.

Jumping out of the 53rd spot, Team Pilipinas is now number 45 in the world and number ten in the continent. While twin fourth-place finishes in the FIBA Champions Cup and more importantly in the FIBA-Asia Championship were disappointing, this is a major plus for our squad in its vow to claim recognition that we once had.

A question though.

Last time I checked Israel is in Asia.

And last time I caught glimpse of an Isreali game, they were playing in the Eurobasket. Not that I’m complaining or anything since I think it’s safe for me to say that our country doesn’t want to safe a squad that has former Sacramento and current Cleveland shooter Omri Casspi in their lineup. But what the hell right?

Anyway, are the Asian teams (according to continent) on the list:

10 – China
20 – Iran
23 – Lebanon
28 – Jordan
29 – Israel  
31 – Korea
34 – Japan
35 – Qatar
41 – Chinese Taipei
45 – Philippines
47 – Kazakhstan
58 (tied) – India
58 (tied) – Indonesia
61 – Uzbekistan
63 (tied) – Kuwait
63 (tied) – United Arab Emirates
65 (tied) – Syria
69 (tied) – Malaysia
69 (tied) – Saudi Arabia
71 (tied) – Hong Kong
75 (tied) – Bahrain
79 – Sri Lanka

Bo McCalebb’s Macedonia advanced fourteen spots after finishing fourth in the 2011 Eurobasket. Placing second in terms of rise is Luol Deng’s Great Britain which notched thirteen places above the competition. Ranking third is of course… Team Pilipinas.

Meanwhile the travesty that begot Qatar sends them six places down. Virgin Islands is the most unfortunate country at the moment with sixteen spots below tolerability. Egypt is next with -15 and rounding the list is Algeria with -13. With the way we are playing, I am sure that Team Pilipinas will have at least a Top 30 mark in the future.

Game over!


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