UP owns 2011 Samsung Cheerdance!

I was checking out the UAAP Samsung Cheer Dance Competition and they are introducing this new event called the Group Stunts Competition.

With that said...

What the hell!

First of all, I think the event is like a glorified version of an Eat Bulaga dance contest. Hell, it is worse. Cheerdancing is a beautiful thing to watch because it combines innovative stunts with cool dance moves. Through the years, concepts are added to make the performances interesting. If my understanding is correct, cheerdancers need to a bunch of pretty stunts in a span of one minute.

Fact is, this is a dangerous gig. Except for Adamson and UST (because they didn’t participate), I feared for the girls getting thrown. The Ateneo Blue Babble Platoon started things off and they just throw their teammate for the sake of throwing her. The NU Cheering Squad also did such. The UE cheerdancer had balance but it felt like the group were dazed and confused on what they will do next.

Before there was any winner hailed in this event, I picked UP because they didn’t just throw people around like they are flying stuff toys. They did more and it helped that the girl being thrown is urging the fans to cheer and they were the only team to use two women.

I think the people should think A LOT on how they’re going to do this because it kinda sucks at the moment.

Honestly I don’t envy Boom Gonzales right now. Throughout the whole telecast, he is the emblem of sanity. I think he did a pretty awesome job hosting this show.

By the way, here are the winners:

Samsung Stunner: This could have been a great idea if not for two things – 1) If they told the “stunners” beforehand and 2) If they didn’t have their makeup on. You see the schools have a motif. They could have looked better because looking at them in front of a TV screen isn’t really doing wonders for the women. Anyway the girl from UP won! She’s bubbly and she was smiling all the time. The girl from FEU looked scared as hell. I would have gone for the Ateneo girl though. She doesn’t look like she just gutted out a ton of sweat heavily. The UST girl did her best to create a reaction. Compare this to the Group Stunts Contest... she succeeded greatly.

Group Stunts Competition: The NU Pep Squad won claimed the second runner-up honors. The first runner-up of the competition was won by the FEU Cheering Squad. Of course, the UP Pep Squad won the competition. Like I said, they spiced up the contest and not constraining their selves with the “weakness” of the event. Finally, here is another event that UP can use as a positive note to cope up with their currently unsuccessful juniors and seniors basketball squads.

Cheerdance Competition:

Here is the only competition to even matter – the cheerdancing tilt. The FEU Pep Squad continue their surge in this event, making sure the people are awed with their moves and stunts and they land the second runner-up citation. The first runner-up award goes to... the DLSU Animo Squad! Wow! They just saved La Salle’s otherwise dismal season! Whenever we don’t see those usual guys in the rankings mean problems because here’s the thing... the winner of the CDC is the... UP PEP SQUAD!

The Madonna-inspired performance is cheerdancing excellence. The moves they made had confidence and they barely had many mistakes. I bet these UP kids will use their blond locks to claim accolades from the professors and the classes they snubbed so that they can practice their drills to perfection.

I can see it now... officemates saying to my face that at least they won...

But here’s the thing – The UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe needs to seriously prepare for the contest next year. Unlike the last decade where people shiver at the sight of black and gold in the cheerdance floor, now the troupe barely gets to the podium. I think those alums that are doing well dancing elsewhere must return to refresh our peeps so that they can cure this drought.

Here are the CDC Official Rankings as told by Inquirer:

1 – UP Pep Squad
2 – DLSU Animo Squad
3 – FEU Pep Squad
4 – UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe
5 – Adamson U Pep Squad
6 – National U Pep Squad
7 – Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion
8 – UE Pep Squad

Congratulations to UP, La Salle, and FEU but...


Game over!


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