Wet citizens

I woke up having second thoughts. I don’t want to go to work but the disciplined bastard inside me wanted me to get my act straight.

I rode the tricycle at around 10:45 but as I travel to the bus stop, my pants are already getting wet. When I got off the trike, I tried to use my umbrella but the wind crippled it long before I could even use it. I rode an air-conditioned bus and the harrowing sight of trees with destroyed branches, garbage amuck the streets, and people trying to keep their selves dry is frightening.

When I got off the bus (East Avenue corner EDSA intersection), the reality that the wind was freaking monstrous engulfed me. I can see a Pizza Hut motorbike tapping out from the gust of wind. And then a bike that was thrown off the road was shockingly moving. After I faced the rain head on, it was evident that my wet look appearance will not make attractive to gay benefactors. Lucky for me I had an emergency clothing stash in my office cabinet.

This is while people jump in glee with the suspension of work.

Typhoon Pedring.


The day after the second anniversary of Typhoon Ondoy brought a lot of destruction to most parts of the country and hopefully the water works halt because the last thing the nation needs right now is another tragedy.

Game over.


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