Cheesy Steve Jobs tribute one-liners

I was on the verge of writing a Steve Jobs tribute when my officemate Manuel Edralin peeked at my laptop and said in vernacular that “I’m just riding the wave of Steve Jobs well wishers in his eternal endeavors”.

Sure, I’m no tekkie freak but I know his accomplishments. His tekkie gadgets garnered him a bunch of accolades that changed the landscape of life as we know it. Because of his advancements, the computer became a tool for the fastest-rising form of media that has combined TV, radio, and print.

Anyway as I snooped at my officemates’ Facebook page, I found out that Manuel and Prince Hairy Marc Baluyan were doing these cheesy one-liners. I decided to going in although this fascination proved short-lived because thinking is hard. Steve Jobs in some ways helped these social networking sites blossom.

People will remember your accomplishments whenever people see laptops, computers, iStuffs, and computer accessories.

A dreamer. An innovator. An inventor.

Thank you Steve Jobs.

Geeks inherit awesomeness.

Game over.   


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