Chris Lao parodies self

Months passed after his emphatic blurt that made him a target in social media, Chris Lao is back with a vengeance.

Yes dude, the best way to stop looking like an ass is play yourself as an ass.

Let’s face it – Bill Clinton won a bunch of Americans despite exposed as a womanizer because he knows how to poke fun on himself. Now whenever Clinton is on TV, you have to expect him to poke fun at himself. I like it when Bill comes in the fray while people cringe whenever they see Monica Lewinsky. Hell, even women talk shows veer away from putting her on the spotlight. The same can be said with Al Gore’s reinvention.

And please, let’s not forget on how Charlie Sheen “won” his battle against his critics.

Back to Lao. Like I said, he salvaged respect by parodying himself with this BPI Auto Loan straight-to-Youtube TVC. It helps that the guy is polished with his articulation and could create the same emotions that is enough to duplicate his epic fail. He was never an actor to begin with but compare his acting to some “actors” on primetime TV today and you’ll he is on a class of his own. With this performance, Lao has managed to “awesome-ize” himself.

But with regards to the commercial as a whole… it was kind of so-so.

While it could have helped if Jun Veneracion was actually the one asking the questions, the promo did say that Chris Lao drove to another flood again.

Anyway one major qualm was that the creative team could have grabbed the GMA clip and it wouldn’t matter. The commercial is too factual. I would have liked this more if they “Leslie Nielsen-ed” the commercial. Leave the flood alone but exaggerate the reactions of the bystanders and the array of floating debris. Like I said, Lao’s acting is superb in this viral commercial and imagine him blurting out while the people in the surroundings slowly do crazy things.

After the graphics part, I would have given Lao a final moment to blurt out. The TVC’s running time is 75 seconds and I doubt BPI will shelve out money to give this commercial TV spots. I would have extended this to 90 seconds with him continuing to blurt out. If they want to keep it at 75 then the message of the loan should have been on around the 45-second timeline and then make it return to the Chris Lao video with the crawler saying the benefits of the auto loan.

And then add a punchline at the end to further strengthen the fact that the commercial is trying to be funny and it is not just milking on the person in the mix.

But nonetheless it was an epic commercial in the “I should be informed” kind of way.

Game over.


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