Remembering her smile

The last time I was in Legazpi, Albay or Pilar, Sorsogon was when I attended my cousin’s wedding. I was actually in college then which means it was more or less a decade ago. Hours before I published this blog, I went to the Araneta Center Bus Terminal to pay for the bus tickets. I lasted Baguio and it was a six hour-ride. I paid almost 500 pesos for the fare. Legazpi City is 750 pesos worth and 9 to 12 hours long. I brace the ass-numbing experience.

In a few hours my sister and I will embark on a trip to pay my last respects for the woman that almost single-handedly groomed my dad and the rest of her kids into what they are now.

My grandma is now in heaven and is finally reunite with my grandpa. My dad was only eight years old when my grandfather passed away in 1960. She has been a loving mother and grandmother and I am torn on whether or not I should be happy or sad that she has moved on. While I will miss her nurture, I know that she has suffered a lot. I will forever remember how I would sleep on her lap, sit on her lap, ruffle her hair, pinch her cheeks, kiss her cheeks, embrace her whenever she visits our house, and laugh at her whenever she asks me when I will marry.

I am looking forward in seeing my relatives and at the same time reminisce the good times I shared with her.

She will be missed.


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