The Smoking Superstar

It crossed my mind to fully return to smoking. However, aside from a few minor instances fuelled on the curiosity of whether or not two years of smoking abstinence is enough, I am not ready to return to my yearnings for a stick of Marlboro, Winston, and sob…

Gudang Garam.

Yes… that awesome scent that makes the Indonesians giddy and the people around me think that I’m sucking on weed. I love the smell (still do) but… a lot has happened since. For one thing, I can’t stand the smell of “basic” smoke. Sometimes I can… but at times when it’s hot, and I’m sweaty, and the place I’m in is littered with people, it sucks.

So now for the relevant subject: Nora Aunor.

I respect her contributions to Philippine Cinema but I am not that much of a fan of hers. I was raised by a Vilmanian mother and let’s face it – I saw the original Burlesk Queen and those awesome dance numbers Vilma Santos had when she had a weekly Friday night variety show in the ’90s.

It’s kind of hot.

And if you read the cover, Nora thinks she's hot too.

Moving on.

Nora Aunor is in the headlines this week for posing in its cover holding a cigarette. Apparently, people hate her for promoting a vile vice that is smoking. At first, I thought her violation was her peeking cleavage.

Wow, I just remembered how uncomfortable I was watching her rape scene in Sidhi.

First of all, I don’t see any problems with it. The concept behind the cover is that she’s a badass. Will people like it better if she goes Stone Cold on a bunch of hoodlums? What will they say when – she is promoting violence?

If you think about it though, her cover is a lot tamer than the after-sex smoke concept that Anne Curtis’ 2011 Rogue Magazine issue is inviting. The shot is set in Paris where she is posing like a vintage pinup model. The shot is more revealing considering that Anne is just wearing a blanket and the cigarette stick.

Like I said a few months ago, she not breaking FHM’s Top 10 list is just insane.

But unlike Nora Aunor’s YES Magazine’s issue, the cover is getting less flak from the censors. Maybe it’s because they are not used to see the Superstar being so badass? If you backtrack though, Nora Aunor has been on a lot of negative issues like drug abuse and lesbianism.

Between those and this stick of cigarette… this is just normal.

Anyway, I don’t really get why people are really messing with smoking. Can’t they just wait for people to feel something wrong in their system to make them stop cold turkey? This is like those kids that get pissed at their parents and as a sign of defiance, they smoke. It helps that there are places in the metro that shields the habit to those who cringe at it though.

Nora could have let the issue slide but she did well in apologizing for her “actions”. I’m going to side with her on this case. No people, she is not promoting smoking but basically doing right in looking indestructible on camera. With the way people have reacted to her cover shoot, I’d say she succeeded in making this work.

Maybe elephant haters could ask Lovi Poe for an apology for her September 2011 FHM Philippines shoot?

Maybe blue color haters could ask Angel Locsin for an apology for her October 2011 Cosmopolitan Philippines shoot?

Game over.


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