Not to sound like a douche bag but I think I want to work now.

I usually go AWOL from work every May and this year is no exception.

The calendar of events starts off with my niece’s birthday in the last week of April. A couple of days later, it’s my son’s birthday. At that time, I am not at my parents’ house, beginning the first of two week-long vacations to babysit my kid, my nephew, and my niece.

They run around like crazy… and spew food in hard to reach places.

Probably in the middle of this particular week, my sister will arrive from the Middle East to rant about sandstorms, and nurse work and talking to camels or something. And then a couple of days later, it’s my mom’s birthday. And then a couple of days later, it’s my parents’ wedding anniversary. And then the next day, it’s my nephew’s birthday.

And in the second to the last day of May, it’s our wedding anniversary.

By that time, I am too tired and penniless to provide the maximum celebratory experience due to the events that transpired early in the month.

It’s kind of different now though.

The heat.

The fu… heat!

I am arguably white… and my skin can’t stand the punishing heat. I am also fat… and the punishing heat is melting my fat leaving a lot of rashes. I mean my back is now filled with spots and my front has this path of red rashes. I sometimes scratch and all of a sudden I scratch skin peeling. I take a bath five times a day just to keep myself sane. I may need to go to a dermatologist because of this and yeah… it’s another way for me to destroy my savings account.



A couple of months ago, I was harsh with my workspace’s room temperature. It feels as if I need to evolve into a polar bear to enjoy the “cool” situation.

I want to freeze… in kind of 21 to 23 degrees or so.  

So yeah, I still have two days of “vacation” as of this moment and I plan to stay still, hug the electric fan (or the aircon if it reaches DEFCON 1 levels), get a haircut, act like a hippie at Starbucks, and think of ways to finish my work as efficient as possible. This week-long experience thought me to channel my rage wisely… and yeah, I will channel my rage on whoever the fuck is going to piss me off come work time.

Because here’s the thing about week-long vacations… they always finish with week-worth workloads.




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