This is a quick post.

The last time I posted here – I am still single, I don’t do mobile games, I don’t wake up via atomic elbow drops, and wait…

2011 – 1982…


I was still in my late 20s.

So I tried Sportsblog. I tried Wordpress. I tried Wix. I even tried Medium. And hell, I tried Youtube to test my luck on vlogging.

This is going to be my last ditch effort about blogging.

I know blogging sucks right now. Back in the day, I write about basketball and I get paid.

I just want to de-stress, talk about shit, and probably write about big boy topics like… bending to get toys underneath living room sofas.

Oh, my precious back.

I’ll probably buy a domain name though. It has to have the words “blog” and of course “Syd” and perhaps the word “sport”.

Although I will not make this blog about sports.

Anyway, check out the things I wrote when I was still single on the links below.



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