So I’m currently ranked number 92 on the TOP 100 Philippines Blog List.


But yeah, I am not that down because through the years I have switched platforms like some dude with identity issues.

Must I remain a sports blog?

Must I transform myself into a vlogger?

Could you tell that my skin is so sensitive to heat that my perspiration is at the moment perspiring?

Let me stop now.

But yeah, I am starting off in the middle of Kumagcow and Exotic Philippines and man I need to get my game up!

Right now I plan to schedule all my posts at 3pm. I don’t know why 3pm but I usually eat lunch at around this time so I can just share my posts on Twitter at 4pm.

I am also going to consistently blog at least once a day.

This article is going to appear on my blog two days after I wrote it.

So yeah… cool.

Then I am going to do a lot of non-current sports things. A lot of fantasy booking opportunities and a lot of list articles? Yes, please! I want to finish a Top NBA Players list for some time now but procrastination, as well as other real-life matters, mess up the production.

And I guess I need to become soulless and blog about other things I hate.

Oh, do tell. 

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Here is the link! 



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