I like Keith Thurman.

His spunk reminds me of the Portland Trail Blazers.

Golden State SWEPT Portland, right?

In the course of the fight hype, Thurman has been telling everyone how it is awesome that he could punch a senator in the face. In some ways, I like this because the digs generate views and it gives this young versus old shtick a different dimension.

Because like, come on. As a senator, Manny Pacquiao has had times when he veered away from public opinion. I do not want to count the times because I resist the urge of going political but let us just say that the People’s Champion in boxing is not as champion-ish when party lines are drawn.

Again, not going political but I have seen a lot of commentary on how people would rather listen to trash talkers than naggers.

I should stop now.

Must… not… go… to… that… part… of… blogging!

But while Thurman’s tirade is kind of cute in the sense that we have seen countless boxers prey on Pacquiao’s activity only to find out he’s going to various broadcasts to answer questions surrounding Pacquiao versus Mayweather 2, I guess it’s cool to punch a lawmaker in the face.

I have seen Arnold Schwarzenegger barely feel a flying kick for a South African man and I have seen Kane getting his ass handed to him by the likes of Shawn Michaels and Triple H even if he’s the Knox County mayor.  

Maybe this could be a thing!

The obvious repercussions though would be the wrath of a private army.  




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