Spiderman on Avengers: Endgame is different from Spiderman on Game 5 of the Best-of-7 series between the Magnolia Hotshots and the San Miguel Beermen.

Here’s the thing – have we gone mad?

I know calling names is bad but there’s an unauthorized intruder inside the game and said individual made contact with a participating party. The incident can be as light as some goof in need of affection or some psychopath with a thirst for blood.

Sure, the guy can be verified as harmless but he is still not welcome.

So why are we vindicating his crime?

It’s cute when a wedding crasher gets the bouquet but is it still cute if he elbows the bride in the mouth?


So yeah, I’m happy the PBA will act on the case in a serious manner. An alarm and scandal case is a crime of disturbance. At the moment, the most obvious rule break is if you set off a firecracker in a no firecracker zone. I doubt jail time… if you can pay the sum of more or less 40,000 pesos. And then there’s the law of unjust vexation. Basically, you could expect jail time if you piss a person off like for example, disrupting an important game to promote “love” during election time. The PBA will gladly file this law to ensure that no streaker… will go off that easy (haha) if they pull this stunt. The culprit could pay as high as 200 pesos but could serve a month of jail time (arresto menor). 

And yeah, if a person physically abuses you and you're annoyed with his ugly face, you can charge him with unjust vexation. 

Just saying. 

With that said, Ronald Tubid hit a fan. Tubid apologized for the incident but the PBA needs to categorize what type of fan they were dealing to properly sanction him and Kelly Nabong. 

Meanwhile, we have another sister team squabble in the finals that went to do or die mode.

For the third time in four conferences, an SMC team will face an SMC team in a Game 7 of a final. We already know that an SMC team will win a championship for the ninth time in ten conferences. We already know that an SMC team will win a championship for the fifteenth time in seventeen conferences. And for the eighth straight conference, an SMC player won the Best Player of the Conference.

*cough* June Mar Fajardo’s never-ending MVP reign *cough*

So yeah, dominating the PBA has its perks.

So what now? Are we going to speculate on what’s inside Chito Victolero’s mind when he kissed Mark Barroca on his Game 5 game winner? Are we going to question Ronald Tubid’s mind for punching a possible bachelorette party mascot?



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