Ginebra celebrated the return of Justin Brownlee with a loss to Blackwater. But while yeah, that sucks… it’s not like Ginebra is expected to suck this conference.

As a matter of fact, I expect the Gin Kings to destroy their competition.

But yeah, check out their new kits.

Here’s the thing – I HATE Ginebra’s last two uniforms. I thought the jersey they had when Mark Caguioa, Jayjay Helterbrand, and Eric Menk ruled the Kings was cool and the Ginebra Na jersey of the 90s was even cooler. I know the second to the last Ginebra San Miguel jersey was a nod to the past but I thought it was too basic and too clean from what the 80s version had. And then the last jersey had the odd baseball stripes and overall I thought the design was an ugly mesh.

This new uniform though.

Prior to this, I thought the black Phoenix Pulse jersey looked awesome. The thing I like about the Ginebra jersey is that it looked TV-friendly. The number font is old school macho and it did help that the numbers had the black stroke. I also think it resembled the old Ginebra jerseys but this was done right. This is like how the current incarnation of the Magnolia Hotshots jersey is similar to the old Purefoods TJ Hotdogs jersey (the one with a car that has a face).

Anyway, I guess San Miguel could use a jersey change. While the unis had become iconic, it’s hard to see the numbers of the jerseys if they use the press camera angles.



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