I woke up one morning and realized I have a lot of “raw” things.

For example, I bought three books that I have yet to read… and I own an unfurnished condo unit.


I am a procrastinator to the core?

So I edited two videos in a span of a week and I posted said videos on my social media. I thought I did well. You can check the videos out on my Facebook page. Anyway back in 2013, the guys I brought in to document our wedding turned out to be gigantic slackers of the Sydrified kind. Yes, I am a slacker... but at least I get the job done when push comes to shove. The people I brought in is within my wavelength... and I guess eventually this became a problem. I think the team self-destructed, bit more than they could chew and self-destructed to the point of leaving a lot of their clients high and dry. Fortunately for us, my bro-in-law was able to persuade the videographer to give up the raw footage.

A couple of framed wedding images would go well on our unfurnished condo unit.

And a wedding documentary could be in the works.

So my current motto in life is to “turn chicken shit into chicken salad” and I plan to use every freakin’ video clip at my disposal.

Will Starbucks, Coffee Project or Coffee Beanery become a playhouse for my editing awesomeness?   



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