The healthiest kind of reunion I am doing at the moment is the kiddie birthday party kind

I like to see familiar people but I’m not that keen on explaining my life.

That is why I think I’m iffy with the whole reunion thing. I think I have an ironclad excuse that my wife would be pissed if I postpone our wedding anniversary celebration but seeing the nostalgic images kind of made me wonder.

The last time I went to a UST Paskuhan was like… five years ago. I’m an even bigger sinner with regards to high school reunions. I think I went to one St. James College of Quezon City-related event more than a decade ago… and I left the event earlier to travel to UST and play DOTA with my friends.

And come to think of it, I rarely see my UST friends. Now I get to be godfather to some of their spawns but family life has messed up with our weekly meet-ups.

Thankfully, I have yet to start my midlife crisis. Some of my friends have done a lot of weird shit that in some ways kind of deviate from my whole alcohol-guzzling, gaming ideology. Apart from paying real-life money for mobile gaming kinds of stuff, I guess I am trying to revive my blogging career.

I am writing a lot of personal things on my site because my new blog is starting off rocky (will you give me views) and my biggest concern right now is to solve the problem of my 40-square meter residential box that is messing up my dreams to own the hatchback of my interests.

Anyway, I think I want to promise to myself that I will go to a random reunion once I score an invite. I don’t know how or when but my 10pm work dismissal should hinder a lot of events. I think I need to shed a few pounds as well – because seeing a lot of nostalgic images made me realize that I have grown to 260 pounds and I feel I’m like part of some sort of collective.



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