I think when I named my kid Cassidy, part of me wants to foresee a big-time male figure of his namesake in the future.

For example, why would you name your child “Kobe” disregarding your favorite Japanese destination or your most approved beef?  

I also know the name could go either gender.

But I like the name though. It’s an awesome name and I hope he won’t go apeshit one day in the future. Obviously, Cassidy is a mix of our names (like most Pinoys of my generation) and it’s a cross between two of my perceived coolest human beings, train robber Butch Cassidy and master tactician Pat Riley. These guys are just two gruff dudes with style. Cassidy is literally and figuratively dressed to kill and the same can be said with the former Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Miami Heat coach and current Miami Heat president whenever he steps into the court.

Besides, there is a wrestler called Cassidy Riley.

Unfortunately, most of his YouTube videos are the ones where he loses to superstars like Samoa Joe. And most of his videos are from the independent circuit with TNA as his coup de grace. While sure, Cassidy Riley once wrestled in the WWE… he used the name KC James and the only PPV showing he had was when he acted as an EMT.

So yeah.

Fun fact: we both wanted to add an “a” on the Railey part.

So after five years of my son’s existence, I finally heard of this awesome specimen called Orange Cassidy. This freshly-squeezed character wrestles in shades, jeans, and washboard abs. The dude looks like he came from a 90s' Guess commercial (the one that had Anna Nicole Smith). Cassidy has been in the indy circuit for years and now he just made his debut in AEW’s Double or Nothing as part of its battle royal. When Cassidy came to the ring, he directed his attention to ECW veteran Tommy Dreamer and he launched a slew of kicks that left the hardcore legend reeling.


Cassidy could perform but it feels as if he needs to rev up his sense of urgency. He always starts off bored and rages on his opponent with a series of half-hearted violence. I guess this is why he’s the perfect midcard foil of the promotion. Like I said with Joey Ryan’s possible WWE signing, Ryan could thrive in WWE as a great midcard more than the international stars that are unable to adapt to their current role.

But I guess I see a lot of good things from Orange Cassidy’s character. You can either cheer him or jeer him and he can just execute this with zero overreaction. His bit itself is an overreaction to the sport so he can just go kick-crazy to dick heels or overly good babyfaces. With that said, he needs a good finisher other than a roll-up. Signing with All Elite Wrestling means he also needs to integrate with the whole “wins matter” scenario they are trying to insist. While he can cheat by spewing orange juice to his opponents (yes, he does this to his foes), he can also do flippy shit. He can be the guy that starts off slow only to become unstoppable at the end or the guy that starts off bored only to end the match like an insane fruit. There are also a lot of one-shot kill finishers that could suit him. I know it’s hard for any guy to finish with a superkick (given that AEW has The Young Bucks), but he could have an RKO with an Orange Cassidy spin.

If it comes from out of nowhere, then it fits right in his alley.

So who can do the Orange Cassidy character in WWE? Imitation is not going to make that character awesome in WWE but a man-meat character a la Orange Cassidy could prove beneficial for a guy like Fandango. I mean, if Tyler Breeze sticks in NXT then he has to fend on his own. Fandango has the size to feud effectively with the likes of Elias and Baron Corbin and the stoner humor to at least give him some sort of character edge.

But yeah, hopefully, AEW can find ways to make Orange Cassidy a star.



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