Fresh off college, I went to Ortigas for the first time by my lonesome to hand my resume.

I think that was 17 years ago.

Wow, I’m already 37.

Anyway, I wanted to do shit for San Miguel. I heard back then their custodians were paid handsomely and they have a ton of bonuses.

Also, they have those awesome ad campaigns back in the day like Bert “Tawa” Marcelo’s Isang Platitong Mani, Rachel Lobangco’s Shhboom, Ina Raymundo’s Sabado Nights, Bernard Palanca’s Five Thirsty and Earl Ignacio’s OFW.

And then have this.

I mean, I tried my best to craft bitchin’ content.

But whoever gave those guys the go signal manufacture picture frames, neckties, and trophies that can handle beer are just…

… awesome.

Now of the three Father’s Day gifts, I want the picture frame. The necktie is just garbage (because if you wear a necktie, then you’re either going to an important function or someplace littered with alcohol) and the trophy is just normal. I mean, I think my dad once upon a time had a thing like that when I was a kid… and I can’t remember when I broke it.

At least a dad could reminisce while drinking beer with one arm.

Not unless the dad has an OFW wife and he could use the picture frame to stop being lonely.


I’ll stop writing now.



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