I became a fan of Sugar Pine 7 just this year.

I have seen a react video of their work and from there, it feels as if one of their vape-smoking characters bit me. He bit me hard.

Bad Super Pine 7 member… bad.

But then as I checked out their page views, I noticed they weren’t hitting the 100,000-mark. Worse, some of their episodes barely reach the 50,000-mark. I thought that Youtube’s algorithms will lead them to their site’s death.

I hate being right… especially in these types of situation.

So as per their podcast, they are going to work on other projects.

Like I said, I just got here.

Maybe I’m going to pay tribute to their work by binge-watching their episodes. They have been melodramatic for some time now and I want to return to the days when the Alternative Lifestyle was produced happily.

I could probably do a list as well.

That requires work though.

I think Sugar Pine 7 is a channel that is easy to do. When you have your friends on board to do zany mishaps and make money from it… I mean how can you not think about this as an awesome ride. With that said, maybe that’s the thing that makes this endeavor hard. A couple of years back, I limit conversations with real-life people and at the same time, I try to spin a lot of topics to at least stay be in the middle. Looking back, the whole idea of blogging about my friends… does the world think my friends are blog-worthy?  

I had to close the first incarnation of this blog because I got flak in five separate incidents. I had countless articles deleted permanently to lessen professional and personal hatred.

I am not exactly a fan of the Toronto Raptors or the Golden State Warriors but I really hate how their Game One match was the lowest rated Finals opener in ten years. I don’t really hate Calvin Abueva and Terrence Romeo for their antics (at least Romeo nowadays has mellowed) but whenever it derails the success of Philippine basketball, I cringe.

Okay, I’ll stop sports referencing now.

So I guess Sugar Pine 7 will be a thing of the past now. Regardless, it was an awesome channel whose new content I will greatly miss. They did introduce a different style of Youtube content. It’s like The Office in the form of a vlog. Sure, they featured the same Blair Witch-like vlogging format but they properly edit their work, they add a bunch of cool concepts on it, and they even have properly-planned story arcs.



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