No radio silence.

Nor have I quit the site.

I’m just re-learning a lot of blog-related things.

I have yet to get ads… because my page views are too low for one.

I just re-learned how to use pre-made templates and I’m currently trying to re-learn how to operate drop-down menus.

BT Templates, SEO Mechanic and Computer Hope are awesome tools to pimp your blog and I wished I knew of this before I bought a domain site. I have been using Wix for some time now and while I love the site because everything is easy, it is NOT a good website for blogging.

For starters, stat-based blogs will have a tough time operating because it has no built-in table functions. I know Blogger is a bit of old school in its look but if you’re not going to sell anything and you just want to write, then it will give you a rad time.

Anyway, I still need to check on a lot of things that are foreign to me like schemaorg markup and sitemaps and outbound follow links.

I mean… what the hell are those?  



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