So Andrew Bogut saw what Calvin Abueva did.


I bet after losing a lot of their stars to injury, I bet the Golden State Warrior would focus on their quest to get back the lead and subsequently, destroy the Toronto Raptors.

But no.

I mean… how can you not?

Abueva was one of the engineers of the Gilas Pilipinas versus Australia fight. In fact, Abueva got the worst hit – receiving a six-game suspension for his efforts (five against Australia and one against China). In the aftermath, Bogut expressed disgust on Marc Pingris’ selfie as it came moments after the Gilas Pilipinas versus Australia brawl and while the game officials were reviewing the tape.

It’s kind of like the dance Terrence Jones made which prompted Abueva to open a can of whoop ass on the player… and it was the same dance Abueva made after the clothesline.

I know Isaiah Thomas made a similar comment.

He wants to kick Calvin Abueva’s ass.

Amongst the two ballers, IT4 has a better chance of playing in the PBA than Bogut. Thomas is already 30 and Bogut is four years older than him. However, his height would be an issue as teams would rather have a rebounding import with the penchant to play the big man spots than a 5’9 point guard with nearly nonexistent defense.

Like Jimmer Fredette, Thomas could be better off being an undersized shooting guard in the Chinese Basketball League.


I just zeroed into Bogut’s comment because we’ll probably see more from him in some capacity now that FIBA Asia has integrated Australia and New Zealand to its fold.

I know Louie Alas and the Phoenix Pulse Fuel Masters thought they had this wonderful idea of using Jones’ volatile emotions to their advantage but I bet they never thought the repercussions would be this grave. FIBA is checking out the incident and while guys like Macmac Cardona think Abueva’s suspension is a bit overboard… FIBA is the same organization that banned Kiefer Ravena for nearly two years because he drank the wrong energy drink.

Now I have seen Australia’s National Basketball League and they do play physical. I mean we can pretty much argue that the PBA has kind of the same vibe as the NBL. But this is not about some dude giving the NBL a bad rep. This is about Calvin Abueva maliciously attacking Terrence Jones to give the earth another reason to diss our brand of basketball.

Again, Abueva thinks of the present and not on the future because right now, most basketball-loving human beings on earth are calling the PBA a trash league.

We can hate the PBA. It’s our local league so it is our right. Now when Australians or other races make fun of our league, then that’s another story.

But how can we act ultra salty if we know we are in the wrong?

And in “we” I mean “him”.  

Calvin Abueva could sit idly and let the controversy die or he could react to the incident, check himself in some anger management facility and change his playing style. I know he could care less on his reputation but what about Gilas Pilipinas’ reputation as they try to achieve a respectable finish in the 2019 FIBA World Cup? Bogut didn’t just see Abueva going at his countrymen for the sake of taking some dude out.

Abueva thought he needed to defend his teammates.  

Now if he really cares for his teammates, he needs to man up on his actions.



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