Willie Marcial dropped a huge bomb when he indefinitely suspended Calvin Abueva for two unruly incidents made in two consecutive games.

Obviously, the Terrence Jones clothesline is the graver offense because his actions could have affected a player’s livelihood. Anything you do above a person’s neck should be meted with serious consequences especially when the person does this in blindsiding fashion. Sure, Jones could have intentionally clobbered Abueva’s crotch in the moments that led to the attack but the mere fact that Abueva was able to do such action and dance like there’s no tomorrow right after pretty much meant that the groin hit isn’t as he perceived.

But man, this day and age, considering how controversial his off-court life is, Abueva shouldn’t have done what he did to Maika Rivera. First of all, we have laws prohibiting violence against women. Of course, Bobby Ray Parks’s girlfriend was heckling Abueva but she is a fan and he was caught doing the gesture on live television. Also, he is a repeat offender. In the Australia game, we were more disappointed on Jayson Castro than this guy. In his last two seasons, Abueva has been fined for flashing a dirty finger three times. Maika Rivera could have faced a real-life lawsuit if Abueva wanted and was deeply affected by it but like in what he did to Jones, his decision turned for the worse.

And it’s not like people are giving him sympathy. Fans think his suspension was long overdue, he needs to get his life in check first, he has lost all sense of professionalism, he thinks he is too big for the league, and then there are some who thinks he is better off playing in the MPBL.

But what team would want him if you think about it? Macmac Cardona is no saint but I have yet to hear an incident with him as the center of attention. In fact, Cardona helped the San Juan Knights capture an MPBL title. Okay sure, Abueva is overqualified for the MPBL but he is also going to represent a particular municipality.

If you are a politician in line for re-election, would you want your mayoral campaign to be represented by whatever on-court scandal he could ensue?   

Now I can’t physically psycho-analyze Abueva because he might hurt me (just like most keyboard commenting warriors) but The Beast, like most Filipinos, have this “heat of the moment” mentality. Obviously, Abueva knows what’s right and what’s wrong but for some reason, he gives his all for the present with little regard of the future. Right off the bat, Abueva wanted to throw Terrence Jones out from the start of the Phoenix-TNT match and with the game out of hand, he tried one last ditch effort to incite a riot. He barrelled his way towards Jones’ body and this gave Jones the opportunity to allegedly strike rock his nuts.

But even with his tactics, he STILL was not able to force Jones out.

And now he has to hold his pro ball game for the foreseeable future.

Abueva is already 31 years old and with his antics, I doubt if he’ll get to join the other Gilas Pilipinas bets in other tourneys other than the All-Star Tournaments.

But he could have just derailed whatever momentum the Phoenix Fuel Masters have at the moment. We have yet to forget that since becoming the league’s ninth franchise dating back to 1999, this genealogy has yet to win a title. They started as the Tanduay Rhum Masters, then became the FedEx/Air21 Express, then became the Barako Bull Energy Boosters, and now they are the Phoenix Fuel Masters. Apart from their championship-less lineage, we have yet to erase the stigma of the team as conduits.

How can they erase this stigma if they are going to play the rest of the season without Abueva?

Abueva plays like an enforcer but indeed he isn’t. Instead of the guy entrusted to take out the import whatever means necessary, he is the one Phoenix needs to protect.

Abueva needs to understand he is a former triple-double magnet that during his rookie season almost won the Most Valuable Player award and not some role player who just wants to hurt people.

Or throw the occasional dirty finger.

Or do a lewd gesture.

Or whatever.



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