So remember when the Semerad bros look like clean-cut, pretty boy models?

Yeah, it’s kind of like when Squirtle became his less cute evolution.

Anyway, Louie Alas shouldn’t have involved himself in the scuffle.

With more than 45 minutes left in the game, TNT forward David Semerad had been battling with Phoenix import Rob Dozier. Calvin Abueva forcibly stepped in and the instability of the situation worsened. I know Abueva is a goon at times (this is the game after his incident with Bobby Ray Parks’ girlfriend) but I guess in his mind it’s better for him to leave than to see his import get ejected. Anyway, Phoenix coach Louie Alas entered the court to get his say and one forceful act to his bro sent Anthony Semerad running like hell… and a wave of Fuel Masters entered the court to either back up their coach or to stop the fracas.

By the way, I saw Roger Pogoy’s actions and hey, I like the way he handled himself on the court.

I guess this is why he was able to return to Gilas Pilipinas.  


David Semerad did his part. He rarely saw minutes in San Miguel, especially during the Philippine Cup and he, gets his time by stalking the opponent’s import. The same can’t be said with Anthony Semerad because he has more upside than his brother. But while the Semerad Brothers were unable to send Dozier to the locker room, they got two sweet consolation prizes in the form of Louie Alas and reigning Rookie of the Year Jason Perkins. Without the presence of these two, TNT broke Phoenix to the tune of 114 to 88.

Jayson Castro had a triple-double and Pogoy had a 31-point game. Meanwhile, Matthew Wright tried to lead the Fuel Masters with 21 points to no avail.


Of the four Gilas Pilipinas players playing in the match that were thrown out of the Australia match, he was the only one here that got ejected. 

Well, again this happened a few days after that incident between him and Bobby Ray Parks’ girlfriend Maika Rivera. In light of the obscene gesture and the 20,000 fine by Phoenix, the league should have given Abueva some kind of verbal beatdown. I know they could have given him such act in between Friday and this game but notice how Abueva could care less?

Now I get that Terrence Jones is a volatile import in the mold of Ivan Johnson but… WOW! If I was the commissioner, I would also fine the referees for poorly handling the situation. And also, not being sexist or discriminatory but perhaps it is best for the female referees to call matches that don’t have Abueva in it. Like Abueva started the first quarter near-brawl and finished the game with that jumping clothesline to Jones. They should have given Jones some sort of reprimand on the low blow because, for lack of a better term, Abueva could have been fine once they completed the mission. The fact that Jones danced like it is a PBA all-star event is enough to drive Abueva nuts.

Just look at the footage where Don Trollano was guarding The Beast.

How his demeanor changed from chillaxing to Chernobyl should have signaled the refs to momentarily stop the match or… throw Jones out for punching Abueva’s boy parts.

Or perhaps they should have thrown out Calvin Abueva the moment he pounced on Jones with less than 7:30 in the game. I mean… why would a guy like Jones go down back first if he wasn’t hit by a rampaging Abueva?

Like I said, the referees could have bettered their officiating.

So are we going to see a bunch of suspensions?

I guess we’re going to see more than 50,000 pesos worth of fines?



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