Writing a heartfelt Toronto Raptors congrats blog an hour after their win #NBAFINALS

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Who knew California is loaded with diehard Toronto Raptors fans? 

So I am at a random Starbucks close to GMA (there’s only one) as of this writing, constantly checking on my Twitter feed after beating the traffic and constantly checking on my Twitter feed.

Anyway, I guess the Toronto Raptors are now NBA champions… even if they tried their hardest to mess up their win.

Regardless, who knew people needed this series? At the start of the season, we were burying the Golden State Warriors for acquiring DeMarcus Cousins. Meanwhile, we were pissed to the core because Masai Ujiri fired reigning Coach of the Year Duane Casey and dumped DeMar DeRozan to San Antonio for a perceived rental in Kawhi Leonard.

Remember how Chris Webber hated going to Sacramento and has since loved the city?  

I bet this is the same feeling Leonard has now for the North… despite the fact that he just bought a house in Los Angeles.

Leonard wasn’t babysitting the geriatrics in San Antonio and it showed in the playoffs. Often he’ll drop 30 or more. With that said, he still had Kyle Lowry, Serge Ibaka, the much-improved Pascal Siakam, Marc Gasol, and Fred F’N VanVleet.

Anyway, this proves how traditional basketball systems can still prevail – especially during playoff time. Ibaka, Siakam, and Gasol may have perimeter awesomeness but they are also traditional frontliners. When the GSW triple bombs rim out, these men body their men and use their size. When the Warriors lost Kevin Durant even at the start of the Finals, they had DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Looney leading the way. This is also the reason why they asked Andrew Bogut to return.

It was a total team effort and Kawhi’s brand of leadership shone because he already gave the Raptors their moment.

Unlike the Warriors, the Raptors had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I am not a Golden State hater. Actually, I would have wanted the Warriors to leave the Oracle Arena with a win to give their fans one last moment to cheer about.


Who knew the Raptors are the Gilas Pilipinas version of the NBA?

I guess it’s easy to ride the Toronto bandwagon because they brought a different NBA Finals experience. This is the first time a non-American city is in the playoffs and the Warriors faced a bad situation of their arena getting ransacked by crazy, patriotic Canadian fans. Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: West made us want this series even if we had no idea that we wanted this in the first place.

Just imagine if the FIBA legs are best-of-seven, home and away showdowns?

Gilas Pilipinas versus Korea would just send a lot of healthy, middle-aged men to the brink!

So I don’t know how things will turn out. I think Klay Thompson had an injury that isn’t as serious as that with Kevin Durant. At least Golden State didn’t force the other Splash Brother to risk his all for the match.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Now, this isn't the case as Klay went down with an ACL. Holy crap, fate must be a Toronto Raptors fan.

Anyway, my gut is telling me that Kevin Durant is going to sign for another team. He is going to have the Achilles injury as a stain for the rest of his career and if this would hinder his moneymaking capabilities, then he needs a way to sign a four-year deal from another squad…

… with a consolation prize of getting towed to the playoffs on the last year of his Golden State contract.

EDITOR'S NOTE: He has yet to decide as of this moment if he's going to keep his Golden State contract or go elsewhere. 

Meanwhile, Toronto should re-sign Leonard to whatever money he asks but management needs to make sure the rest of the team is happy. The rest of the team could be in a high right now but eventually, they will remember how management easily disposed of their most loyal Raptor and how they brought a virtually untested Nick Nurse to the fray. Also, will this be the year that free agents will flock to Toronto and disregard the weather and the fact that they are in another country?

Oh well.

Hats off to Kawhi Leonard and I’m happy he’s silently dissing the hell out of Skip Bayless. The sports show presenter (he’s no journalist if he keeps on telling everyone that Manu Ginobili is a better NBA player than Dirk Nowitzki) has been very annoying lately. Bayless has been hating on Kawhi like how Momoland fans are sniping on the Blackpink fans. If he rants because he is a superfan, then I get it. The problem is, as a sports show presenter, he is passing his superfan judgments as if it’s news.

Lack of character is an opinion.

Getting the Finals MVP is proof that he has character.

Anyway, I would like to congratulate the Toronto Raptors for claiming their first NBA championship and for making me bandwagon to their direction. I stuck the old Raptors logo on my laptop (next to my Boston Celtics) when they got the 3-1 lead.

I guess I’d probably return to Boston because Kyrie Irving is moving out?

Also, Golden State should hate Lebron James now more than ever because if he didn’t leave the East, then the Raptors wouldn’t have choked at his sight and the Warriors would have faced Lebron and the awesomeness of JR Smith in the NBA Finals for the fourth time.

Oh well.



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