So Northport solved a 25-point problem to destroy Rain or Shine in overtime.

Mo Tautuaa went insane as did Garvo Lanete and Robert Bolick.

The thing about the Batang Pier though… is that they played with only eight men.

Moreover, Joseph Gabayni barely played two minutes.

Bolick played… I mean rested… for only 29 seconds.

That’s insane.

I remember a time when I was kind of a coach. I was kind of a figurehead coach but I was able to stand up and do shit and tell people that… I can see things from the sidelines.

You know… crazy-ass stuff.

Actually, I would rather use eight players than extend my rotation to twelve. I hate the idea of putting players in the game and try to think the ones that would stick. While yeah, I would have wanted a guy like Stanley Pringle still part of the eight-man core, I am just as happy having the likes of Tautuaa, Sean Anthony and import Prince Ibeh manning the frontcourt.   

Also, I guess I still think moving Pringle to Ginebra is a good idea for Northport. I can’t see the team playing with just eight movable pieces. Adding Kevin Ferrer, Solomon Mercado, and Jervy Cruz to the mix gives the team more dimensions. Also, I know I was one of the haters of Christian Standhardinger going to San Miguel for a bunch of pieces but right now, Columbian is winning that trade.

Standhardinger at the moment is a rotation guy whose playing time depends on the awesomeness (or lack thereof) of June Mar Fajardo and Charles Rhodes.

Meanwhile, Columbian found a goldmine in Rashawn McCarthy. Columbian’s cellar-dwelling state also enabled them to draft CJ Perez in 2018 and in the next draft, they also have San Miguel’s pick. I know that pick would either be a last or second to the last pick but if they combine their pick with that pick, they could get two potential starters in the process.

Also in a separate Alex Mallari trade, Team Dyip had already acquired San Miguel’s first rounder which turned out to be JP Calvo.

Pido Jarencio jazzed his team up with the final piece of the puzzle… being the last player from Franz Pumaren’s regime. Pringle may not be a Jarencio headcase in the mold of Terrence Romeo... but he is a 32-year-old title hunter who could be better off with another team so the team can focus on Bolick and the rest of their young guns. 

So could this be the start of Northport’s rise?

I want to.




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