I don’t usually veer away from sports but browsing led me to this bit of info.

The 2019 Aliw Awards.

I don’t know if this is our version of the Grammys, because as far as I am concerned, NU Rock Awards, MTV Awards, MYX Awards and Wish Awards make a lot of sense, but I think they are spot on with regards to Song of the Year.

Well… partly.

I get that This Band’s Kahit Ayaw Mo Na got a massive following but… I don’t like the song. I think it’s a song a thirty-something man wouldn’t want to relate to.

Much less singing it.

It reminded me of when Callalily first came out and sang about campus songs… and I don’t want any of it.

And I hate referencing Parokya ni Edgar in this kind of light but they should veer away from referencing social media sites.

I have three picks to win this prize. I am a huge IV of Spades follower so I am going to root for Mundo but I can’t discount the fact that Juan Karlos’ Buwan and Moira dela Torre’s Tagpuan are damn good songs as well. Inasmuch as I also like BRWN and Autotelic, they never got that big of mainstream hype.

But yeah, I want Mundo to win. It’s that song that has a Huling El Bimbo-ish charm. Anytime I listen to that near-one minute instrumental (especially the Wish, MYX and One Music versions), my ears are happy (makes you wonder how this band could have soared if Unique just didn’t go solo). It’s also that song that makes foreigners react and get amazed by the musicality without any of them getting the premise of the song.

Actually, in some ways, they could be our best chance to beat K-Pop.

Although not in the aesthetic sense.

At least not in MY aesthetic sense.   

And I guess this cap this blog off… perhaps we should have a top tier award-giving body for music. The thing about these awards is that casual fans aren’t invested in the outcome. Talent shows get better exposure than actual awards. I remember there were times when these awards are shown via a delayed basis in the wee hours of Sunday. Maybe someone could just have the music channels to get dibs on its promotion rather than giving the music channels their own awards night.

Or perhaps, just make one channel the one-stop for all music-related award shows.



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