I think it is okay for us to hate Calvin Abueva for all the shit he has caused but… yeah, way to piggyback just to get a say, Games and Amusements Board (GAB)!

Where were you when the Fil-Sham ran amuck in the country or how shitty our basketball was before Manny Pangilinan stepped in?

How about the goddamn game-fixing happening in all games and amusements in the Philippines through the years?!?

If GAB gets in on the Abueva media train, then maybe it’s time for them to investigate whether or not The Beast and Vice Ganda had an alleged romantic relationship.

This is actually none of anyone's business... but what the hell! 

Clotheslining a player, making lewd gestures to a girl, and playing in another tournament are absolutely shitty decisions to make but these enumerated reasons are not enough to revoke a person’s license and possibly destroy the man’s life. 

If you want to check the man’s history, then perhaps let’s check out why Abueva did what he did against Australia! THE MAN AT ONE POINT PLAYED FOR FLAG AND PINOY PRIDE! If he is that goddamn useless, then why did he become the second pick overall of a draft that had June Mar Fajardo as the top pick!

Look, I am not saying Abueva shouldn’t be reprimanded for his actions. The PBA had it right to turn on Abueva for his shtick on Terrence Jones and I guess the Phoenix Fuel Masters had it all covered when they sanctioned The Beast for the Ligang Labas incident.

Like I said, I am not against the indefinite suspension and I think with how the circumstances are against him at the moment, he’s better off playing outside the Philippines.

Maybe the change of scenery would do him good.

But let’s not kid ourselves.

Who else think GAB is just trying to use Abueva’s name to get some sort of attention?

If you check out the home page of their website, it goes straight to the License and Permit Fees and Charges page. I get it – they need it to enrich Philippine sports.

With that said, the same web page lists down the sport of basketball and a bunch of sports programs that have sucked in recent memory. Maybe instead of doubling down on the licenses, maybe they can just ask whoever is heading the sports programs various important questions like…

What has happened to our boxing program?

Do you need help to get a proper sponsor for the formerly prestigious Cycling Tour of Manila?    

What can you do to advance the development of bowling, billiards, badminton, tennis, table tennis, dancesport and golf in the country?

And I have to say this… there is a sports commission for darts?!?


If Calvin Abueva would jumpstart the government agency’s rise to credibility then fine, let’s have The Beast as the sacrificial lamb! His name is a big enough name to get media mileage. And it's not like he's innocent. Heck, let’s throw in Terrence Romeo and his recent struggles with which fingers are considered as "dirty" while we’re at it. But if this is just a one-time thing because one reporter just strolled around their office and asked a generic question for the sole reason to generate a reaction, then you have another thing coming.

Even if you say you had Abueva on your radar from the Jones incident, there have been a bunch of incidents that should have gotten your attention. Of recent memory, the Gilas Pilipinas versus Australia match is an example. Peter Aguilar is not part of the team and yet he gained access to a chair and turned it into a weapon. Carl Bryan Cruz and Jio Jalalon were part of the reserve squad and unleashed serious damage. A Spin.ph commenter said indirectly that Manny Pacquiao turned the PBA into his playground and when he found out that he’s not cut for the PBA, he tried to play on the UNTV tourney and created the MPBL.

What about Bobby Ray Parks’ claim that the MPBL guidelines are discriminatory?  

I always thought this shouldn’t be an issue but with the current events that transpired… what the hell not?

And returning back to Jones, the TNT import started as a volatile import. Prior to the incident, he took a shot at Abueva. And then he did something to LA Tenorio to make the latter retaliate.

Was he reprimanded?

You know that throughout time, there have been imports that belittled our players… which in some ways is one of the reasons why Abueva and the rest of Gilas Pilipinas got angsty on the Aussies.

Billy Ray Bates’ ABL stint, anyone?  

At the moment, the GAB case isn’t the biggest news of Abueva’s life. Currently, the Abueva household is under fire due to extramarital issues. Bad nouns and adjectives have been thrown and in the middle of this are their children. I will not say anything about this issue... although I must say that the GAB meddling is far from a good thing. 

I guess a person doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know what happens when a man is pushed to the brink.

Hey GAB! Maybe you just need to do other things and stay away from this Abueva issue until you have a credible program to help the Philippine sports commissions. 

Duterte just did away with lotto. 

I never knew jai-alai is an Olympic sport? 

Maybe you need to do a bunch of things to escape his wrath? 

Whether or not you like Abueva, this could act as a precedent in the future.

Good job, GAB. You just made Calvin Abueva a martyr... at least in this situation... AS HE HAS BEEN THE BAD GUY MOST OF THE TIME.  



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