NBA Free Agency | Chris Paul's Potential Destinations

I am blogging via my phone.

Fat fingers...

Anyway, Russell Westbrook is now with the Houston Rockets. This is good, because Sam Presti sent him to where James Harden is at.

But this is bad for Chris Paul though.

How bad has CP3 been since moving away from the Los Angeles Clippers? Getting that outrageous sum sent his career in limbo.

There is no way he will win a title with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

But there is hope. Sam Presti is going to trade Paul for a top tier deal. It would be dumb for Paul to not lobby a trade with the current OKC setup. Presti knows this too. Let's just remember the potential Westbrook landing spots and copy/paste it on Paul.

Paul could work in Miami with Jimmy Butler as the top option.

Paul could catapult to success as part of the Detroit Pistons. Just imagine Paul lobbing it to Blake Griffin and giving up the rack for an Andre Drummond throwdown?



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