So I was in Batangas and completely missed out on the Manny Pacquiao versus Keith Thurman… and I just watched the fight right about now.

How did a 40-year-old senator win against a 29-year-old fighter in his prime?

Well… he’s not “superstar” enough?

Like I said, I compare Manny Pacquiao right now as a reality show judge. He’s a generational talent that should HAVE RETIRED a long, LONG time ago but is so stubborn as fuck that… you know what… let’s just have his kid retire him.

Yes, let's just have Jimuel Pacquiao send his dad to retirement!

Pacquiao’s presence in boxing right now is the only reason why the sport is still getting worldwide acclaim. With all the names from the alphabet soup titles, Manny is basically trimming down the fat so he can ensure the sport’s bloodline could zoom into the future with his rightful heir. Timothy Bradley is a box office bust and just don’t get me started with Jeff Horn. Horn could have been good… if he climbed up properly like most of the current flock of boxing stars and not shoved into our throats. These two won controversially against Manny Pacquiao due to I dunno... something related to Bob Arum... and bombed as boxing ambassadors. 

So Pacman tried to lose against Thurman and that monumentally failed (haha). The seventh-round could have been the moment for Thurman but Pacquiao’s chin absorbed the punch well and ditto for the tenth round hook. Thurman wasn’t able to capitalize on Pacquiao’s defensive lapse. Nonetheless, Thurman landed more shots and left Pacquiao a very, very ugly man at the end of the fight.

What the hell is up with that?

And yes, Thurman DID fight the good fight. He said he felt slighted that Pacquiao said he will knock him down and it showed. There were some punches in the late rounds that could have stopped a boxer of his timeline.

I thought Thurman did well enough to raise his hand up in disgust with the split decision.

But here’s the thing – he didn’t do enough.

Thurman fell in the first round because I guess like most fighters they didn’t have the killer’s instinct to lay waste on Pacquiao’s awesome mystique. Thurman let Pacquiao open up savagely in the first six rounds and just when we thought he’s going to sweep the last six rounds, Pacquiao would crush the side of his body in the tenth round to stun him.

Yes, Thurman showed disgust with the split decision… but he promised he would RETIRE Pacquiao.

Instead of retiring, it just built his brand even further.

So yeah, the people around the arena were booing at the fact that one judge scored the bout in favor of Thurman… and in the process, going on a frenzy when Pacquiao gave Thurman his first defeat. Thurman can scream robbery but he is just an army of one. Thurman's cornerman Dan Birmingham said he can't win the bout unless he puts Pacquiao down for the count.

I guess Thurman thought of it too.

And it never happened.  

Pacquiao has insane footwork and speed. These two things set up his power. However, with age getting his way, he also has wisdom working for him. Listening to your trainer, reading the situation, and just restraining yourself from overdoing things pretty much come from old age which means yeah… I guess by the end of the tenth round, the Pacquiao win was a given not unless he messes up and gives Thurman a free meal.

As per his Boxing Scene interview, the tenth-round body shot Pacquiao unleashed on Thurman was reminiscent to what Luis Collazo did to him. With or without the seventh-round stoppage, it was evident that Thurman had the advantage.

Not in this match though. 

The Pacquiao win sets up another question mark.

Will it be Errol Spence?

Will he challenge Pacquiao?

But more than Spence challenging Pacquiao… will Pacquiao challenge Spence?

Because right now with the way the Pacquiao matches are built up, the right thing to do for the fighters is to come in and lobby for Pacquiao to face him. Aside from the fact that the Pacquiao matches are money draws, they are also career-defining. Inasmuch as there are great boxers left, they aren’t drawing multi-million deals. His name recognition is keeping the sport afloat from its former track record. It has been nearly two decades since the larger-than-life heavyweight division drew and it had to take a bunch of flyweights and middleweights to move to the welterweight division to get the sport to its current state. Boxers and fight promoters have to do whatever it takes to a match with Pac-Man because the gravy train stops when a fighter comes in to bury his career.

Hopefully, the said boxer that beats him will lead the sport to the future.



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