Cain Velasquez to WWE or AEW?

Cain Velasquez is a beast inside the octagon and apparently, he could be bringing his talents to the WWE or even in AEW.

In his debut match in AAA back in August, the two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion did a bunch of innovative slams and flips in his first match – including a hurricanrana with the aid of the ropes against Taurus. The match, which also had the likes of AEW’s Cody and TNA’s Killer Kross, ended with Velasquez locking in the Kimura Lock on Texano Jr.  

The dude is a luchador!


Although, his UFC contact gives him a bunch of restrictions – the most important of which is his inability to perform any physical moves inside of the United States. The violence cap is understandable as for sure, Cain is going to be ratings draw in any promotion he will sign with… and UFC wants none of the other wrestling promotions.

And that’s the thing. The two promotions want him with perhaps WWE getting the slight edge since Fox, the new home of Smackdown, is the same network as that of the UFC matches. But then again, Cain is going to be a major draw in AEW. And with a kind-of relaxed schedule and an open-field to become a main event player, it’s just right to consider AEW as a possible destination as well.

Is Cain going to get the same deal as that with Brock Lesnar? Moreover, is this some sort of mark’s dream-like how people are lining up to see the possible return of CM Punk to WWE television?  



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