If we’re going to listen to online trolls and dickless downers, the Philippines should give up on basketball and every player who still wants to aspire because of the sport must die a horrible death.

Let’s not do sports!


But… here’s the thing.

People need to realize that the country needs to play international tiffs to kind of have a say in the global scheme of things.


The Philippines will host the 2019 Southeast Asian Games and it will have a bunch of events as well as DOTA 2. This is cool especially since TNC, FNATIC, and Mineski have gained international acclaim these past few years. Anyway aside from esports, the country has decided to include arnis, figure skating, and F’N chess. I need to point this out because one, we can do a lot of damage from these events, and two, these events helped to create a record of most number of sports and events contested by a host nation. The Philippines will host 56 spots and 529 events.

Meanwhile, in the 2017 edition of the SEA Games, East Timor only had a delegation of 50… and finished the tilt with three taekwondo bronze medals.

They had nine players competing for men’s volleyball.


I am not dissing East Timor. As far as countries are, they are pretty much in their baby stages. More than anything, I would keep an eye on Laos (195), Brunei (105), and Cambodia (169) – whose combined delegations would still fail in comparison to that of our country in 2017 (497).

And I guess this is my point. Being the best basketball team in Southeast Asia gives us a say in important matters. This is why we were able to secure the 2023 FIBA World Cup as well as the 2016 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament and this is why we almost won the 2019 FIBA World Cup from China.

We have a say in things.

Now I know, if we keep on joining these international tiffs, it’s highly likely that we’ll end up in the bottom. I sound optimistic now but I was screaming obscenities for each time Yeng Guiao sits June Mar Fajardo or CJ Perez… and for every iso-ball Andray Blatche try.


The more entries you send, the more chances of winning!

It’s that simple!

Forget the days of Caloy Loyzaga and our dominance during the pre-PBA era. That is NOT the days we have at the moment! China and Iran have since evolved as Asian superpowers in basketball with the Philippines, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, and Korea as the pretenders to the throne. I guess we need to remember the Northern Consolidated Cement days… and then tune out on the 90s up until the debut of the Smart-Gilas program.

Also, we have Australia and New Zealand to further ruin our fun.

We host the SEA Games as well as other international competitions like how peacocks prance their features to woo the pea-chicks. Prior to Japeth Aguilar joining the NBA D-League Draft, the best chance we had to have a Pinoy international player was when the USBL thought it was a good idea to call the services of 30-something scorers Bong Alvarez and Vince Hizon as well as then-up and comer Yancy de Ocampo!

We might be 32nd in the 2019 FIBA World Cup but…

MEN’S FOOTBALL | 126TH PLACE (as of July 2019)
WOMEN’S FOOTBALL | 67TH PLACE (as of July 2019)
MEN’S VOLLEYBALL | 131ST PLACE (as of October 2018)
WOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL | 117TH PLACE (as of October 2018)
MEN’S BASEBALL | 33RD PLACE (as of December 2018)  
WOMEN’S BASEBALL | unrated   
MEN’S SOFTBALL | 17TH PLACE (as of November 2018)  
WOMEN’S SOFTBALL | 13TH PLACE (as of November 2018)  

Check out these ranks for a sec!

If we’re not going to develop baseball and softball (and I don’t know why), then basketball is STILL the best sport in our arsenal. Again, this is the reason why the country is littered with basketball courts and makeshift basketball courts as well as a healthy dose of brand-spanking balling action in our television sets.

If we’re not going to join global basketball tiffs because we are not afraid of losing, then what’s the endgame of the sport in our country?

No, basketball stays because it is our God-given right to play in world tiffs. Again, we have to brace ourselves from hitting brick walls in Asia and the world but we also need to be wary of the rewards we could obtain.

For every 2019 debacle is a 2014 achievement.

And we can’t do this if we’re going to wilt and die in the sidelines.



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