I usually do sports things.

Like basketball, boxing, billiards and DOTA 2.

Yes, dammit… e-gaming is a sport.

I have never written about gymnastics before.

Carlos Yulo is a ninja.

I wonder what kind of training you need to do that requires you to spin around in the air like some sort of toy propeller and then lightly touch the mat and do another spin in the air like a toy propeller.

The dude is awesome.

And I like to think that I would restrain my emotions at the sight of girly floor exercises but… this guy made gymnastics cool. Look, any type of sport that requires a person to have a visible bulge in the groin and the said sport isn’t a combat sport is well… unlikely for men. But this guy says otherwise. I can’t even split… much less tumble in all directions.

Caloy Yulo, the first Pinoy World Gymnastics Champion in 41 editions, did things I never saw in the brief time I followed the sport. The international tiffs usually feature gymnastics as some sort of filler. We don’t know the sport… but especially back in the 90s, parents allow little girls to do ballet or splits. Yulo’s first two moves were typical but when he displayed those moves that lightly touch the mat and unleash another round of spins, it was gold.

And not only that. I loved how he thanked his Japanese coach after he got the score and constantly tugged on the Philippine flag in his shirt. The government sucks – I mean I guess as far as the 2000s go – when it comes to supporting the athletes. Alex Pagulayan and Wesley So distanced their selves from the country during international tiffs because they were never given support. Critics and online trolls rant at the fact that we’re never good in basketball but at the same time, can’t even endorse a noteworthy alternative to get funding.

And despite Hidilyn Diaz’s efforts to make it big in the global stage, we just can’t give her something to get inspired on.

But then we have Diaz… and now Yulo to go wicked sick in our quest to win our first gold medal in the Summer Games.

Hopefully instead of showering recognition on Yulo for his meteoric rise, support will come to give him better resources to achieve his dream. I guess it’s best for him to train outside the confines of the country but at least give him motivation like allowance or something. If e-gamers have nutritionists as well as physical therapists in their facilities, maybe Yulo can have the same things as well. During the time of Bea Lucero, Milo supported her even until when she switched to taekwondo. Yulo is only 19 and if Milo wants to have another face to put on their drinks, then they have this guy.  

If you’re looking for standard bearers for our quest for the 2020 Olympics, look no further than Yulo. The future looks bright for this young man and if we have someone like this, it would be insane to not use him to his full potential.

Sure, I bet it’s hard to watch gymnastics while holding a beer and screaming curses at the set but the moment when he showed respect to his coach is everything you want to see in a Karate Kid-like movie.

Let’s just ride on his high and let everything fall into place.

He knows what needs to be done so let’s do whatever we can to support him.



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