I am at UP Town Center. This is the third time I’ve been here and the second time I’m with my wife and kid.

Also, the first time I am going to buy a Funko Pop with my wife and kid here.

The first Pop I bought here is Metallica’s James Hetfield and I think I am going to look for a TV figure… or probably Toby from The Office. I have been stalling on the character because I already have a Michael Scott Pop and I don’t really like doubling on characters.

Although, I am so in love with the Selina Meyer special edition presidential Pop.

But maybe I am going to look for a new line. If I see a Yuyu Hakusho special edition character… I am going to buy that sumbitch. If I see Britta Perry’s Funko Pop, I will not “Britta” the opportunity.

Maybe the Guns and Roses trio?

Or hell… maybe the Miami Vice line is now available.

It’s not.

But perhaps.

An hour later, I bought two pops.

One is for my niece and the other is a Jim Henson Pop holding a Kermit the Frog puppet.

I was looking at pops… and they fell.

It sucked.

The owner was kind enough to let me be but the attention I caused was damning. I wasn’t going to buy the Fortnite pop but I had to. I tried to converse about pop while sweating a river and it felt like hell.


But then again, I bought two pops as mentioned.

I will part with the Fortnite pop but I’m pretty sure that I’ll have something for Jim Henson. I am going to pair him up with my Bob Ross pop and once I get my Bill Nye pop, then I will have a trio of childhood favourites.

But yeah... I promise not act all clumsy as f*ck again.



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