The sucky state of Sydrified

Sydrifiedblog sucks at the moment.

And it’s probably my fault.

I haven’t been blogging lately and for some reason I am fine about this because… I have a lot of things in my mind right now.

First up, there are a lot of things “sydrified” on the internet right now and when I bought a domain, I didn’t think of this factoid. Through nearly two decades of blogging, I tried Multiply, Live Journal, Weebly, Blogger, Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace… I think. Back then I was able to score publisher deals with Powerade, weekly columns on NBA Philippines and Philippine Star and man would I kill for at least 800 views per day.

I know this is not a lot… but it’s tons better than the views I am getting at the moment.

So yeah, I am seriously contemplating on another name.



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