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I haven’t been posting lately.

I have a ton of content but for some reason, I am not feeding it on my blog.

I think I need a new blogging space. I usually do my blogging at the office but nowadays, I just can’t rack up the thoughts I used to have. My current space is kind of “in the open” and aside from unpopular post hits, the thing that pisses me off is constantly checking my back for peeping toms.

I can’t fine-tune my work if there’s a dude constantly looking at my work. I am like a dog that can’t eat if its owner is just staring at him for no apparent reason.

Or a guy that can’t pee if there’s a man looking at his face.

It’s downright creepy… and kind of annoying.

I can’t do it on my house either. I come home in the wee hours and ever since I installed Call of Duty Mobile on my phone, I would rather frag people than think for basketball-related things.  

I usually have time constraints whenever I do these things inside coffee shops.

And then there are the intangibles.

My love for Funko Pops for starters has branched out from my initial TV line. I am now checking out rock stars, wrestlers, basketball players, and even television figures. My current favorite at the moment is Albert Einstein and Steve Irwin. While I am still looking for Community’s Britta, I am more looking to Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Funko.

Also, I am kind of feeling the need to grow up. Sure, I am still collecting Funko but without it… I feel I am going to go insane. Now that I am the only kid of my parents residing in the Philippines, I need to juggle my time spent with them, and then work, and then my wife and kid, and then thinking of my condo unit, and then having time for friends, and then having time for myself.

I spent extra time at work so I can spend less of it stuck in traffic.

Anyway, I need to shut up now.

I think I need to re-start my blogging so I can take away my constant worrying of things.



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