NBA | The Carmelo Anthony Comeback

I am not really a fan of Carmelo Anthony because… I thought he’s going to be a championship guy in the NBA.

I rarely watch US NCAA but when I do, I remember these peeps. For example, Antonio Lang is a former Red Bull Barako import that once played alongside Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley, Cherokee Parks, and Grant Hill at Duke. Former San Miguel import Shea Seals played for Tulsa. Tyus Edney, Ed O’Bannon, George Zidek, and JR Sakuragi were part of the UCLA Bruins and I thought for sure that the rivalry between Ohio State’s Greg Oden and Florida’s Joakim Noah would translate into the NBA.

And yeah, I saw Melo whoop-ass when it mattered for the Syracuse Orangemen during the 2003 NCAA Championship.


Long story short, Melo deserves a worthy ending. Portland could be that team. If they can’t have capable defensive forwards, the best alternative they can have is to have a big-time third scoring option. When Jusuf Nurkic returns, I could see him in that role.

With that said, a free albeit successful reign could be the key to Melo’s extended NBA stay.     



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